Success Stories

Ellie’s Story

Ellie Seilern, an executive and leadership coach, came to Hiro with the question: “How do I make my business into a force for good, and make a meaningful contribution through my work?” Working with Hiro, her calling became crystal clear. She’s living her values in every aspect of her business, crafting a unique and powerful body of work that her clients are delighted by, and enjoying the fruits of a prosperous, soul-aligned business.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda Winn, founder of Wholehearted Business Development, dreamed of gathering a team of creative professionals to create a full-service agency providing socially conscious entrepreneurs with everything they need to grow their businesses in a values-aligned way. Through the deep, expansive work Amanda did in Become Your Own Business Adviser, she has made her vision real. Her agency is thriving, and serving the clientele of her dreams.

Ratti’s Story

Ratti Handa, D.M.D., an internationally renowned airway, TMJ, and cosmetic dentist, worked with Hiro to resolve a seeming dichotomy between spirituality and business, and blend the two to grow both herself and her business. Through her work with Hiro she has developed a groundbreaking signature methodology, which includes powerful mentoring for her patients, and is the gold standard of care in her field.

Christine’s Story

Christine McDougall came to Become Your Own Business Adviser with a long and successful career coaching and consulting with global leaders. And, she knew she was missing something essential that had held her back from creating what she truly desired. Christine stewarded a world class event, Big Blue Sky, in her hometown to convene multi-sectorial members of her community, and others from around the world, to co-create solutions for the future of her city.

Eleanor’s Story

Eleanor Beaton, founder of SafiMedia, worked with Hiro to expand the scope and reach of her highly successful coaching and training company. She has restructured her signature programs to offer robust, practical, focused training for women entrepreneurs. Her company also now consults and trains socially conscious corporations and government policy-makers who invest in developing women-owned businesses.

Don’s Story

Don Macdonald, a master mosaic artist, stumbled upon his craft after a 30-year career as a naval officer. When he took Become Your Own Business Adviser, he knew his life and work would change in the powerful energetic container of the program. And it did, dramatically. Don found his calling as a mosaic artist. In a serendipitous encounter, he met an agent who invited him to partner with two indigenous artists, translating their designs into gorgeous, large-scale public mosaic art installations.