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Success Story: Christine McDougall

The Transformative Power of
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Ratti Handa’s Story

Ratti Handa, D.M.D. is an internationally renowned airway, TMJ, and cosmetic dentist. Having worked with some of the most prestigious specialty practices in Massachusetts, Dr. Handa’s expertise is in the areas of Bio Rejuvenation Dentistry, Sleep and Airway Dentistry, and Myofunctional Therapy.

She’s also a pioneer in empowering transformation through dentistry.

She was led to Hiro’s work through serendipity. A patient of Dr. Handa, who was familiar with Hiro, had mentioned how much she loved Hiro’s work. Curious, Dr. Handa (Ratti) explored Hiro on social media, and felt a deep resonance with her words and her world-view. As Ratti put it, “Hiro was the first person I’d actually met who was blending spirituality with business so openly.”

At the time, Ratti had been wrestling with the apparent dichotomy between her business and her spiritual life. “I didn’t want to lead two separate lives. I didn’t want to be a business woman and then a spiritual person. I wanted to bring those together – that’s what first drew me to Hiro. She was the first person I’d actually met who was blending spirituality with business so openly.

After several private sessions with Hiro, she signed up for a mentoring immersion program.

Much of her initial work with Hiro was focused on transforming unhealthy patterns in her key relationships, owning what she really wanted for herself and her business, and developing clear boundaries that honored her personal integrity and desires. She made courageous choices in her personal relationships in order to clear the way for her business’s desires to emerge.

Throughout this process, Hiro’s guidance was profound, both on an inner level of dismantling old patterns and developing new ones, and eminently practical in crafting a clear vision and mission for her business, revising her business model, creating and implementing strategies in alignment with her vision, and refining her operational systems to more effectively serve both her patients and her business. 

Ratti quickly realized that Hiro’s decades of business experience, combined with her ability to see patterns and energy, and her deep commitment to Ratti’s own well-being opened up pathways she had barely dared to dream of. 

She signed up for the Deva Alchemy Mentor Training program and completed it in 2022.

In the Deva Alchemy Mentor Training program, Ratti worked with Hiro to develop her signature methodology, The Handa Method. This proprietary program, which combines advanced dental surgical techniques with deeply transformative mentoring and coaching, has dramatically changed her patients’ lives. Through her methodology, Ratti has pioneered a new model of holistic healing and transformation in the field of dentistry.

The Handa Method is founded around the tongue-tie release procedures that are an integral part of Ratti’s work. As Ratti explains it, tongue-tie release creates massive release in the fascia, restoring fluidity and mobility to fascia throughout the body, including the internal organs. As all regions of fascial tissue awaken, patients experience a flood of memories, sensory impressions, trauma, and emotions that have been held and stored in the fascia. 

With Hiro’s help, Ratti has crafted a proprietary method that supports her surgical patients with pre- and post-surgical coaching and mentoring. She helps her patients to identify what they really want, what they need to let go of, and specific ways in which they can grow into their authentic selves. Her program helps her patients prepare for the emotional and somatic effects of the surgery, and provides them with structured mentoring and support to integrate these transformational shifts into their lives.

To do this effectively, Ratti uses a variety of mentoring techniques, including deeply clarifying conversations, somatic and emotional release, and advanced energy technologies to help transform the root causes of her patients’ difficulties so they can blossom after their surgery. All while offering impeccable surgical and pre- and post-surgical clinical care.

Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall

Refining both the inner work and mastery in the clinical and mentoring aspects of her work, has been the focus of Ratti’s training with Hiro.

What Ratti has discovered is that Hiro holds space in a beautiful way, without imposing her point of view, until Ratti herself is ready to make the necessary shifts. She’s experienced refined listening and deep caring that goes well beyond just a client/mentor relationship, but embodies true empathy and compassion.

In essence, what Ratti has found in working with Hiro has been her own growing ability to be sovereign, to have clear and healthy boundaries, and to continue to grow beyond inner limitations in a gentle, loving, unforced way. This has helped her to achieve harmony in her personal life, and tremendous creative joy, abundance, and generative skill in her professional life.

She also appreciates, again, how Hiro works with consciousness and the Sacred, and then brings those subtle skills right back to practical strategy, tactics and clear decision-making. This blending of the sacred with the everyday allows Ratti’s work and business to flow with an astonishing level of ease.

What has continued to surprise her is how work that can sometimes seem amorphous suddenly reveals its practical nature in the most mundane of circumstances — with a patient, or an employee, for example. 

“My analytical mind doesn’t always understand how Deva Alchemy works, so it seems like I can’t grasp what it is about – but just at the right time, I will draw on what I’ve learned in the mentor training, to meet the challenges of a real-life situation. And something will happen where I’ll say, ‘Oh wait… that was the work!”

This has not only allowed her to operate in more effective ways with her patients and employees, but also to handle situations much more quickly and skillfully, saving time while also embodying soul qualities that allow the Sacred to flow through her, in her clinical practice.

And because she now has the tools she’s gained through her training with Hiro, when she encounters difficult situations, she has concrete ways to deal with them. She also has a robust toolkit of skills with which to shape her business and the vision she has for its contribution to the world of transformative dentistry.

“I’ve increased my fees, and definitely made more money. My speaking, coaching, consulting and mentoring career is gaining momentum and I am training dentists and other healthcare practitioners who are eager to learn my method. I feel confident about putting my Handa Method (a patented tongue-tie release method) out into the wider world.”

I would recommend Hiro to anyone who is strong enough and aware enough to see that their limitations are holding them back from really leaving a mark in the world, or creating a legacy – and who want to make lasting changes. And anyone who feels split between their spiritual and professional lives. Her work is for the person who wants to live that path of spirituality that includes everything – in work and life.”

Success Story: Christine McDougall

To connect with Ratti and learn more about her business, visit her website at Beyond Dentistry.

To learn more about the Deva Alchemy Mentor Training Program, visit this page.