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Hiro Boga

I’m here to help women founders and CEOs bring your deepest, most profound vision for your business to life. We infuse the world of your business with integrity and wholeness, generosity, kindness, prosperity and creative freedom.

As a mentor for creative women founders and CEOs, I offer a powerful partnership to clarify your most radiant vision for your business and bring it to life, drawing on your own genius and all the multidimensional potentials you and your business possess. Together, we create a field of heightened power, potentiality and freedom for you to grow your business your way, in harmony with your vision and values, with ease and confidence.

Over the past 40 years, I’ve mentored thousands of women founders and CEOs to…

  • Create a coherent, integrated business ecology in which every element is infused with your vision and values
  • Quadruple annual profits, streamline operations, marketing, sales and revenue-generation, and build a sturdy foundation for your legacy
  • Build powerful teams and shape inclusive, nurturing, creative and highly effective company cultures
  • Renew joy in the world of your business and craft magnificent projects and irresistible offers that contribute to the world in which you want to live
  • Revitalize and create innovative new business models — ones that nurture and protect your genius and that of everyone who enters the world of your business
Through decades walking the path of entrepreneurship…
I have collaborated with thousands of entrepreneurial women to develop deeply creative, bold visions for their businesses, and to take inspired action to translate that vision into products and services that enrich people’s lives.

I know, too, how lonely the path can feel at times. How doubt, over-responsibility, and exhaustion can creep in, sapping strength and enthusiasm. How the world of your business can sometimes feel like a swamp you’re slogging through, rather than the glorious creative partner you fell in love with when you first founded your business.

Through the day-to-day of running your business, I help you stay rooted in your soul, in the clarity and strength of your true purposes, and in the power of intimate partnership with the soul of your business.
To deepen your relationship with the soul of your business, so that you and your business grow together — beautiful, strong, steady, in accordance with the inner laws of your being.

As a mentor, I am a business artist and soul alchemist; a collaborative creative partner who serves your genius and that of your business so both can flourish

I work with you to craft a world, in your business, that nurtures and protects your gifts, and that of your business, so you and your business become a beacon of inspiration, radiant prosperity, joy and freedom. With the soul of your business, you create a world that nourishes the soul of everyone who enters the world of your business.

Our work together is informed by your vision and values, your most profound desires for yourself and your world, and by your soul’s purposes and the purposes of your business. Throughout our partnership, you and your business will grow into the organic pattern of your being. You will experience the depth and breadth of your own wisdom, power, beauty and creative radiance when you build a world, in your business, that’s designed to fully support you and your gifts.

I offer multidimensional skills and wisdom gleaned from decades of experience with thousands of clients — many of whom work with me for years because they find such deep value in our collaboration.

A bit about what led me here…
I was born in Bombay — an island metropolis where immense wealth and devastating poverty co-exist in an uneasy negotiation. It’s a city of vibrant neighborhoods, encircled by an increasingly polluted harbour that opens into the Indian Ocean. A city of contradictions — the financial hub of an ancient culture that’s emerged from a colonial past to chant the friable mantras of capitalism and consumerism.

I now live on a very different island, off the misty west coast of British Columbia, in Canada.

Still surrounded by the sea, looking out to a horizon ringed by snow-capped blue mountains. Eagles and giant cedar trees shelter my home. My beloved sons and their families live nearby.

Both the home of my birth and the home of my heart have informed my life’s work, and anchored my commitment to help shape a world of peace and truth, freedom, love, and prosperity for all beings.

  • I hold a BSc in Psychology and BA and MFA degrees in Creative Writing.
  • I have taught Creative Writing in university programs and at writing workshops and conferences.
  • I have pioneered, created, and taught dozens of transformational programs as well as teacher trainings in energy alchemy and practical mysticism, soul development, creative manifestation, and soul-infused entrepreneurship.
  • I founded a teaching and research facility for spiritual seekers of every faith and perspective.
  • I’ve been Writer-in-Residence for CBC Radio, Canada’s national broadcaster.
  • I’ve meditated every day for close to seventy years. This has profoundly shaped my life and my work.
  • I have served on national arts awards juries for the Canada Council.
  • I was Managing Editor of an award-winning literary publishing company.
  • My spiritual roots are deeply embedded in my Indian birthplace and culture. Ultimately, though, the body of work I’ve developed over the past 50+ years, and the clients and students who have so generously invited me into their lives and businesses, have been my greatest teachers. Through inner explorations, research, and the privilege of working with thousands of clients and students, I’ve pioneered a methodology for creative transformation & soul business alchemy that serves a global community of freedom seekers.
I’d be honored to work with you.
  • If you’re curious about working with me in a private, 4-month or longer business immersion, head over here
  • If you want to explore some of the programs that I offer for independent home-study — at your pace, on your own schedule — you’ll find them here.
  • If you’re in the mood to read, listen, explore new possibilities, or rest your mind for a while, visit my blog or the wealth of free resources I offer.
  • To get in touch, click here.
Other Things You Might Want To Know About Me
My published work includes several digital multimedia programs, my award-winning book, To Be Soul, Do Soul, my best-selling book, The World of Your Business Playbook, a novel, two collections of poetry, as well as essays, fiction and poetry.

I am inspired by my life-long explorations in and contributions to the fields of multi-dimensional consciousness, subtle energy and co-creative manifestation. And by music, Nature, expressive arts, my family and friends, and open-hearted conversations.

I love writing, reading, poetry, the ever-changing seascapes and temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. I love open-hearted conversations, meeting and learning from people whose lives are different from my own. I’m eternally curious — an adventurer and pioneer in the realms of multidimensional consciousness. I savour the spacious quiet of early mornings, and music ranging from Leonard Cohen to Bach.

I love books. I was that kid who read all the time – in bed, under the covers, with a flashlight. Walking down the street, lost in story. My library at home includes collections of poetry, memoirs, essays, reference books, fairy tales and myths from around the world. Books on the craft of writing, creativity, improvisation, play, music and movement, and experiential anatomy.

Above all, I love stories, and the art of storytelling — the making and building of creative culture through the stories we shape. We build our world, our lives and our businesses, one story at a time. We can choose to step out of those stories that bind and bedevil us, and step into ones that embody our widest horizons.


My life’s work is crafting and teaching practical ways to bring our most radiant visions down to earth.

I champion and mentor practical visionaries — those storymakers who are actively engaged in creating a world that nurtures and supports all life.

If this is you, I look forward to welcoming you into the world of my business.

Questions about whether my work is right for the world of your business? Go here for answers.

Transform “business as usual” into soul-infused magic.

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Transform “business as usual” into soul-infused magic.

Simply enter your email address to receive Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business – a 7-day digital course in energy alchemy that’s designed to help you manifest your deepest desires for your business, fluidly and effortlessly. (You’ll also receive weekly inspiration.)

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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