Deva Cards

Every creation on Earth that serves an evolutionary purpose has a spiritual counterpart in the subtle energy realms.

This counterpart is a being who holds the pattern or blueprint for the perfect unfolding of the life in its care. I call these pattern-holders Devas (pr. Dave-ahs), a Sanskrit word that means Shining Ones.

Hiro Boga

Devas are all around us.

The ones you are probably most connected with are the Devas who overlight your immediate environment — the Devas of your home, your family, your neighborhood, your business.

As you get to know them and deepen your relationship with them, you can choose to partner with them consciously, to create your life, your business, and the world in which you want to live.

Qualities of soul and spirit each have their own Deva too.

The Deva of Love holds the purest, clearest vibration of the quality of Love. It also collaborates with other beings to unfold and evolve the pattern of Love in you, and in all forms of life.

Because you are an incarnate soul, all of these soul qualities are already within you, as seeds or potentials. Some of these qualities may be well-developed and readily accessible to you. Others may need to be strengthened and cultivated, for you to experience and express them more fully.

To create anything in your life or in your business, you begin by attuning to its soul qualities, its essence.

We create our lives and our businesses through the choices we make, and through the qualities with which we fill our inner ecology. You can choose to create love, prosperity, and blessing in your life and you can choose to radiate these qualities into your world.

To support you in developing a daily connection with the Devas, I offer this deck of Deva Cards.

It comes to you with my deep wish that you experience and express the radiant light of your soul, and take your place in the ecology of Being as a Source of Love, Blessing and all the soul qualities that are yours to share.

For guidance in using the Deva Cards, see below.

A meditation to help guide your selection:

How to use the Deva Cards

  • Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Feel your soul’s presence flowing into your body through your spine, filling your body with its radiance. Feel the light of your soul radiating through your whole body, and out into your energy field, all around you.Be aware of the sensations in your body, your feelings, your thoughts – making room for them in your heart; knowing that they are part of you, but they are not You.


  • Sink below the surface noise and chatter of your mind, into the deep desire of your heart – whatever that is for you, right in this moment.
  • Maybe you long to understand and release a painful pattern in your life. Or maybe you simply long for peace, contentment, clarity or spaciousness.
  • Or perhaps you’re facing a choice or decision and want to make it from the clearest, strongest place within yourself.
  • Let yourself feel your deep desire right now. Desire is the call of your incarnate soul, and a messenger of your Sacred self.


  • Desire moves towards fulfillment when you anchor it to a clear intention.
  • If you wish, write your desire in the textbox above as a sentence that begins “I intend to…” Feel the quality of your intention in your body, and revise your sentence until it feels clear, resonant and powerful.
  • Feel the power and clarity of your intention resonating through your body. Staying focused on your intention, ask the Devas to help you fulfill your deep desire.


  • Shuffle the Deva cards (using the button below the card spread) until you get a felt sense, in your body, of connecting with both your intention and the Deva who can best help you fulfill it today.
  • When you’re ready, click on one of the cards.
  • Attune to the Deva with whom you’ve connected. Get a felt sense, in your body, of its presence, and of how its quality can help you fulfill your desire. Talk with it about your intention. Ask for its support and partnership. Ask it to help you strengthen its quality within you, so you can embody it more fully.
  • If you wish, write your dialogue with this Deva, or write your impressions, intuitions, and the information you receive from your contact with the Deva, in the textbox below your intention. Remember, you and the Deva are in a sovereign relationship with each other. Use your own discernment, to choose what you will do with the perspective the Deva offers you. You can email the text to yourself by clicking the email button above.


  • Act on the expanded vision and perspective you receive from your partnership with the Deva. Embody and express the quality of this Deva in your life today.
  • Then, pay attention to the opportunities, synchronicities, patterns, pathways and miracles that unfold all around you.