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Success Story: Christine McDougall

Mentorship and the Art of Sacred Business

Ellie Seilern’s Story

Ellie Seilern is an executive and leadership coach, working with entrepreneurs who want to funnel their genius into extraordinary service through the practice of devotional business.

Ellie began her entrepreneurial journey in the music industry at age 23 and spent 10 years there – first building and running a recording studio, and later founding her own record label, which she eventually sold to begin a new career in health and wellness.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she wrestled with the question: “How do I make my business into a force for good, and truly make a meaningful contribution through my work?”

She began researching the structural underpinnings of the systems of trade and exchange within which her business operated, questioning the cost of doing business in this way, and asking herself how she could contribute to systemic change.

“I knew there was a potential for collective well-being in all of these systems, but I couldn’t work it out. I was always contemplating, ‘What would an economy that serves collective well-being look like, what would the exchange of goods and services look like in such an economy?’”

She knew that, to address these questions, she would need a mentor who had a broad contextual understanding of the world of business and the social, political and economic systems within which it operates, and who anchored this understanding in a refined and embodied practice of business as a sacred source of healing and wholeness. She knew Hiro was that mentor for her.

She embarked on a three-month mentoring immersion with Hiro.

During the three-month mentorship, Ellie explored the central questions that she was grappling with, namely:

  1. How to enjoy financial prosperity in her business and contribute to transforming the flawed world in which her business operated.
  2. How to manage her business success while feeling grounded and safe in her nervous system. The more successful her business became, the more unsafe, ungrounded, and agitated she felt in her body.

“I thought: Here I am, teaching about sacred business and about finding purity within trade and exchange, and earning really good revenue from it, and yet somehow I couldn’t reconcile doing good and being prosperous at the same time.

I just knew something had to change. It was an unsustainable business model. It was not nourishing. As the numbers grew in my bank account, I was feeling less and less safe. And I knew that things were about to implode.

When I began to work with Hiro, I knew I was going to face a falling apart of my business model. And I needed practical guidance. And that’s exactly what I received – both spiritual and strategic support and guidance.”

By the end of her three-month mentorship, Ellie’s life and business had undergone profoundly positive changes, beyond anything she had dreamed was possible.

The changes she experienced in her physical body, in her key relationships, and in the world of her business, were so extraordinary, she knew she wanted to learn more and go deeper. She signed up for Hiro’s Deva Alchemy Mentor Training program.

Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall

Her work inside the Mentor Training program yielded even more extraordinary results.

Among them…

Her calling became crystal clear, and she crafted a new business model to align with her purpose. She stepped fully into her role as trusted counsel and mentor to leaders of global organizations with a social mission. She mentors and trains leaders and leadership teams in shaping businesses that are at the growing edge of cultural change.

She dismantled and restructured how she markets, sells, and delivers her offers. Now that her values are “living in my cells,” as she puts it, her marketing, planning, systems and operational processes are seamlessly aligned – an honest, powerful invitation to which her community responds with gratitude.

Her programs are energetically robust, with powerful outcomes. Ellie notes that this kind of tangible benefit — to emerge from a mentoring program with a body of work that is truly substantive and transformative — is a rare gift in the business world.

She no longer believes she is catalyzing her clients’ transformation. Rather, she participates in a powerful field of collaboration in which she and her clients both play a role. As a result, her work with her clients has become much more profound and potent.

She is developing a body of work that includes transformational programs for business leaders, culture-makers and change agents.

She’s in close communion with her own soul, accessing her own genius, wisdom, and perspective, which guide her choices and actions, in business and in life.

“Having worked with Hiro for 18 months, my business has undergone a complete transformation. My business’s purpose and mission are clear. By coaching and mentoring leaders who are at the cutting edge of cultural and organisational change, I am contributing a significant body of work to the transformation of business as a force for collective good. Spiritually, practically, and financially, I feel more grounded and on purpose than I ever have before.

You learn a colossal amount in the Mentor Training program, which is a bespoke training. Hiro doesn’t just teach you a standardised curriculum, she adapts it to you, your process of growth and learning, and your particular gifts and talents. You walk away with a toolkit that will change your life.

It’s so valuable when you find an extraordinary teacher like her. She’s taught me the real meaning and value of mentorship. What Hiro offers is a living example of the power of true mentorship.”

What would Ellie say to someone considering working with Hiro?

“Hiro’s work will benefit any entrepreneur who is genuinely interested in decolonizing the systems that they participate in, and who is interested in a systems-based approach to building a business and engaging with the world around them.”

“Also, any entrepreneur who feels frazzled, overwhelmed, overworked, with too many ideas and not enough time; who struggles to hold clear boundaries, and is paying a heavy cost for it. You will be so grateful for all you’ll learn from her.”

As Ellie discovered, the physical benefits alone have been immense. Before, she felt like she was being plugged into an electric socket, with loads of ideas pouring through her and then vanishing before she could follow through on them. Now, she is focused, present, acting from the core of her being. Her business and her clients are thriving as a result.

Ellie says:

“This work can change your life. It is a spiritual apprenticeship as well as a mentor training. Hiro’s work and the methodology she’s taught me are the foundation for everything I create.”

Success Story: Christine McDougall

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