Amanda Winn

The Journey to Wholehearted Business


As Amanda considered the investment in Become Your Own Business Adviser, she heard clearly: “You’re worth it, Amanda, and this business is worth it.”

In 2010, Amanda Winn’s long-time business was undergoing a significant transformation.

She’d worked in capacities across many sectors of business, and was made for the non-linear path of the entrepreneur. Yet she dreamed of gathering a team of like-minded, like-hearted creative professionals with whom she could collaborate and provide a new kind of service that she’d often longed to offer small business owners. 

That desire led her to found a boutique digital marketing agency, Wholehearted Business. It felt like a bold move – a “wholehearted” approach to digital marketing wasn’t a popular concept at the time.  

Then, Amanda discovered Hiro Boga. 

She’d heard about Hiro’s seemingly miraculous, alchemical ability to see, distill and inspire aligned choices and actions for the lives and businesses of creative women entrepreneurs, and for their clients.

After immersing herself in the Hiro’s content, Amanda registered for Become Your Own Business Adviser. As she considered the investment in Become Your Own Business Adviser, she heard clearly: “You’re worth it, Amanda, and this business is worth it.”

Through practicing the skills and tools she learned in the program, she began to bring more of her authentic self — her vulnerability and humanity — into her relationships, and into the way she ran her business, collaborated with her team, and worked with her clients. She learned about discernment, and what it meant to remain true to herself. She gained the courage to say YES! as well as No, thank you or Not at this time. 

This personal and internal work transformed how Amanda felt about her business, and how she functioned in it. It helped her build the confidence she now embodies in who she is and what she has to offer, to trust in her life experiences, and to honor her professional path.

Doing this work has felt uncomfortable at times. Yet, as Amanda shared:

“It’s during those times that I’ve so appreciated Hiro’s words, always reminding me that discomfort is okay and that it’s part of the process. That the work isn’t linear and has its own pace and timing. She reminds me to feel all my feelings, and affirms that as a creative professional and an entrepreneur, fear is part of the deal. 

We acknowledge the experience of fear, we feel it – but we don’t linger there or let it run the show. And when we come out of these uncomfortable and vulnerable places, the most important step we take is the first small step towards what we want and the vision we hold. All we need to focus on is that first one step.”

Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall
Success Story: Christine McDougall

She has also come to understand and to honor that her business has its own soul — its own entity with its own heartbeat, cadence, and timing. She’s come to appreciate how stewarding her business is its own art, and developed a profound reverence for the work she does and the people she is privileged to serve.

These benefits have transformed Amanda’s life and business incalculably.

  • Her business is more elevated, expansive, creative and resonant with her mission and purpose.
  • She has attracted a global clientele energetically aligned with her values and those of her business.
  • She enjoys a healthy relationship with money, resources, and provision, with a deep trust that she, her family, and her business are fully supported.
  • She has recently rebranded Wholehearted Business to reflect the call from her heart, and the work that is hers to do.
  • She and her team are growing and developing together — and that growth is happening with greater ease, lightness, and joy.
  • Her relationship with her clients and team members has deepened. The certainty she feels about her process, the experience she is providing for her clients, and the experience she wants for her team has attracted people who share the same passion, purpose, and desire for meaningful connection, and for work that makes a difference in the world.
  • Even with all the new developments in her business, she has expanded her capacity to honor her own wellbeing. This allows her to show up in a more resourced way to guide the work she does with her clients and her team.

Hiro’s presence in Amanda’s life in divine right timing, and the deep and expansive work Amanda has done in Become Your Own Business Adviser, were the missing pieces for her to believe fully in her business’s potential — and to bring it to vibrant, successful life. 

To connect with Amanda and learn more about her business, visit Wholehearted Business.

To learn more about Become Your Own Business Adviser, or any of Hiro’s unique and transformative offerings, visit the Deva Alchemy Academy. We also provide Concierge Service to help you make an informed decision about the next right steps for you and your own business.