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A Conversation with Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton is the founder of SafiMedia, an education and coaching company for women entrepreneurs that is committed to advancing global gender equity through women’s entrepreneurship.

Eleanor and her team are on a mission to double the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past $1M in revenue by 2030. Eleanor is also an award-winning writer, and the host of the Power + Presence + Position podcast, which reaches millions of women around the world helping them to unlock their leadership and their entrepreneurial potential.

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A year into her private mentoring immersion with Hiro, Eleanor sat down to talk about her experience.

Eleanor shares stories about what impels her to work for women’s empowerment and the freedom that comes from building entrepreneurial wealth, how her mission grew out of her early career experiences, and how she has built her business to reflect her values and serve her community of women founders and leaders.

You’ll hear Eleanor talk about why she has chosen to be mentored by Hiro for over a year now, (you may see yourself in her story!) and all the goodness that has unfolded in her life and business as a result of their mentoring partnership.

Eleanor’s mentoring journey has transformed her life and her leadership in profound ways. She is open about the vulnerability and anxiety she’s experienced at each new threshold, and grateful for Hiro’s guidance and the powerful skills she has learned from her, which have enabled her to move through each phase of her evolution with grace. She has discovered that the more she has embraced her own well-being and made space for her creative spirit to flourish, the more effective she has become as the leader of her business and her community.

Some highlights and insights you’ll discover during the conversation:

  • How a key event in Eleanor’s childhood planted the seed for her mission of supporting women’s economic empowerment.
  • Her early career experiences in attempting to fulfill that mission — and how she learned not to discount or leave behind those experiences, but to integrate them to powerfully serve her evolution as an entrepreneur.
  • How leading a very successful business still found her at an impasse, where she knew the methods she had used to grow her business to its present success were not going to lead her to the more soulful evolution she desired as an entrepreneur.
  • How she navigated the inevitable period of uncertainty that came with embracing a new way of doing business that didn’t include more hustle, more doing, more complexity, more top-down leadership.
  • Her insight that true change is not a “makeover” but is grounded in deeply transforming from the inside out and becoming a truer version of who she really is.
  • The realization that she had been leading her life and business using only a portion of her genius and capacity — and how looking deeply inside, and coming to know herself, dramatically increased her capacity and effectiveness as a leader.
  • The powerful skills Hiro offered to help her discern what is hers and what is not hers, in any situation — so she can stay aligned to what is true for her, rather than absorb and try to manage the energies of others.
  • How acting on the insights she’s gained through her mentoring with Hiro, despite fear or discomfort, has led to incredible shifts in her outer world (including, among other opportunities, prestigious awards and a viral article on HuffPo).

“The more that I became truly at home in who I was, and who I am, and learned tools to be able to listen to that, especially in a culture that often [trains us to separate] from ourselves — things started to happen.” — Eleanor

  • How she has met both the excitement and the radical reshaping of her life that came with all these opportunities.
  • How she has learned to allow her business to become a truer version of what it has always been.

“As with any relationship, the more you inhabit your own being, the more deeply you can be in relationship to your own business. Because then it is not an extension of you, it’s not a projection of your unfulfilled desires — it’s your partner.” — Hiro

Listen in

And, Eleanor’s closing words for anyone considering private mentoring with Hiro:

“Once you know what to do in your business — you have a pretty good sense of tactics and marketing principles, you know how to find clients — you have a choice to make. Do you continue moving down this road of learning more tactics? Or do you commit to making your business something that can be transcendent? That is a work of art. That is soulful and rich and joyful and capable of making a difference in the world.

This work, in my view, is an incredibly powerful way to unlock that. I am just so grateful for the impact it has made in my life, and my world, and my business and [my] reality.”

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To connect with Eleanor and learn more about her business, visit her website at Safi Media.

To learn more about the Deva Alchemy Mentor Training Program, visit this page.