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Obedience: Toxic or Divine?

Obedience: Toxic or Divine?

To whom or what do you offer your obedience? Obedience is a quality of soul, so it’s within you as a seed or potential that can be cultivated and practiced. But unlike other soul qualities like love, truth, courage or sovereignty, which have their place in every...

What sustains you?

The Deva of Sustenance offers us its companionship this week. Who or what sustains you? Feel the miraculous ways — big and small — in which you are held, nourished, and provided for. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the presence of the Deva of the...

Exploring generosity

Qualities of soul, such as love, play, generosity and abundance are at the very heart of our success — in life, and in business. By choosing to cultivate those qualities which are closest to your heart, you add to the sum of these qualities in your own life, in...

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