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Private Business Mentoring


Intimate, powerful business mentoring to fulfill your most radiant vision for your life and business.

As a business mentor, I work with visionary women founders and CEOs who are committed to crafting their businesses as creative, relational ecosystems. Each woman who works privately with me has a deep longing to be an agent of the Sacred, to listen to the voice of her soul, translate it into vision and intention, and then craft the physical structures through which her business makes the life of her community, the life of her world, richer, deeper, more abundantly peaceful; a generative, joyful force for good. 

Some of my clients are world-renowned experts in their field. Some are bestselling authors and speakers who serve a global audience. Others are highly successful within their niche communities. Some hold degrees from top universities while others have earned their wisdom through life and experience.

All of my clients share one thing in common: they are committed to a great-hearted, bold vision. They want to create a more loving, just and harmonious world, to transform lives and communities, to serve generously — and to create wealth and prosperity in the process.

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Grow from the Inside Out


Apply for a Mentoring Immersion

Private Mentoring

Lead with Courage & Grace


Private Mentoring 

Single Alchemy and Strategy Session


Powerful, Bespoke Mentoring


Single strategy sessions are only available for previous clients. If you have worked with me privately in the past, or if you have participated in one of my live group programs and want an hour or two with me to: consider a new direction in your business; streamline your offers or right-size your team; develop specific strategies in alignment with evolving values; gain clarity around and transform a specific issue or pattern, or something else related to your business (it’s all related!) please get in touch with my team at [email protected].

Brigitte Boudreau

“When I came to Hiro I was at a crossroads in my business. I knew the next chapter would require a leap of faith, but I was afraid to jump. Just hearing Hiro’s melodious voice calmed my agitated soul. She guided me through a visualization where she introduced me to the Deva of my business.

Turns out my business had a lot to say to me. It was very clear about where it wanted to go and that it was time for the next chapter. It reminded me that there’s nothing to fear, because my success resides within me. My energy shifted in that moment, it was as if I’d arrived back in my body, and my power. I felt this sense of rightness and momentum. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. I kid you not, as soon as the session was over, new opportunities came pouring in — I was literally being pulled into my next phase.

Then in two subsequent sessions, Hiro gave me sage, straight-up business advice.

If you’re looking for the perfect alchemy between practical and spiritual business advice, Hiro is simply the best.

— Bridgette Boudreau, Coach, Founder of The Wild Life |


Investment: US$1500. 60 minutes.
Canadian clients add 5% GST.

Three-month Mentoring Immersion

Three months of powerful mentoring for personal growth and business momentum. 9 sessions, via phone.

This mentoring package is ideal for you if you’re the founder or CEO of an established business. You already know who your business serves. You know your business’s identity and culture; you know how to create wealth; you have an integrated team in place — and you are yearning for significant support to bring your next big vision into being.

Perhaps you feel as though you’re still drowning in the mundane details of running your business, distracted from your true mission.

Perhaps you’ve arrived at a significant new threshold in your business, and need skilled support to make the changes this demands of you and your team.

Perhaps you’re challenged to set new, more skillful boundaries with clients and customers, or need to reconfigure your team so it functions more cohesively and effectively.

Perhaps your vision for the future has become cloudy — why are you still working so hard? What’s the point of all this complexity? Do you still love this business you’ve poured your heart and soul into building?

Together, we will transform tangled patterns that obstruct your success, and unveil your most precious gifts — in greater service to your own life, your business, and the world.

The moment you register for this partnership, you and your business will be held in a field of heightened energetic activation within which miracles unfold and serendipity transforms your world.

Many of my clients experience massive shifts even before our first session. Inexplicable, miraculous occurrences become commonplace as we work together to align your inner being with your soul’s vision. When you blend sacred partnership with the soul of your business, clear strategy and skillful action, your life and business become beacons of prosperity, integrity and service.

“Not only is Hiro my business whisperer, she’s also my soul whisperer. Through our mentoring work together, I have accessed a level of strength, confidence, and leadership that, up until this point in my entrepreneurial journey, had remained elusive.

Our conversations are part healing sessions, part strategy sessions, and total soul sessions. Through my work with Hiro, I have an integrated strength and clear understanding of how all the parts of my business and my life work together.

This is where strategy meets soul, doing meets being, and action meets surrender. This is the most peace and trust I have felt in all the years since I started my business.

Grounding. Refreshing. Real. Sustainable. Magical. Practical. Wise. Truth with a capital T. The shifts within me are seismic, yet they’ve occurred so gradually and effortlessly. I’ve never felt more held or supported in my business and creative process.

Hiro is one of the most profound and important mentors in my life. She doesn’t just tell me what to do or how to do it, she teaches me how to listen to my own guidance and partner with the Devas and my own soul. Hiro is a co-creative, collaborative partner in the truest sense of the word.

Working with her is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my business. My revenues tripled and my business is set for even more organic, effortless growth this year.”

Julie Santiago, Coach, former Wall Street trader, Creator of the Gratitude Circle. |


By application only.

Investment: US$13,500 (9 x 60-minute sessions).
Canadian clients add 5% GST.

Apply Now

Please take a look at my Client Policies before applying.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]


Tara Bliss |


Joey Remenyi |


Cynthia Occelli |

Grow from the Inside Out

My guiding philosophy is simple:

Business growth is propelled by personal growth.

In order to write a bestselling book, you must grow your emotional capacity to tolerate risk and uncertainty, become skilled at managing your energy, meet writing deadlines, handle criticism, and overcome the challenges that come with public scrutiny. You must develop the ability to listen closely to the soul of your book, to follow through on your commitments to it, to understand its role in your life and the life of your business, and to do the work of writing, revising, and seeing it through to its finished form.

In order to double or triple your revenue, you must step into a new story — become the You who commands greater prosperity and carries it with grace and confidence. You must also take a forensic look at what is and is not working for you, in your business, and be willing to dismantle and rebuild the pieces that are in need of evolution.

In order to have a business that’s aligned with your deepest values, you have to know what those values are, and practice acting on behalf of them every day. You must be willing to make tough choices, stand for what you believe in, and lead your community to a deeper calling of service to wholeness.  

To grow a tree, you must nourish its roots.

To grow your business, you must nourish and grow yourself. You must create the world of your business from a place of wholeness, integrity, vision and inner power.

So, together, we start there.

Through clarifying conversations, imaginative journeying, subtle-energy alchemy, intentional practices and intelligent discussions, we tap into the power of soul vision, backed by clear strategy and inspired action. It’s a combination that’s unique… and profoundly effective.

You become the You you need to be in order to create the business your heart desires.

My clients call our work together, “Life-changing,” “A chiropractic adjustment for the soul,” “Sacred work that needs to be done before you forge into the world with your ambitions and plans,” “a whole new way of working and being” “coming home” and “like apprenticing with the master builder of a great cathedral.”

Lead with Courage & Grace

As the leader of a successful, mature business, maybe you can relate to these challenges:

  • You’re building a brilliantly creative team that’s lean, focused, intelligent and purposeful — a community that works synergistically together to grow your business into the big, beautiful vision you hold for its unfolding. But taking apart a team that’s no longer effective and creating one that truly supports your vision takes time…and must be done strategically. Meanwhile, you’re stalled because you don’t know where to begin, and day-to-day operational necessities keep tripping you up.
  • You’re making the shift from founder-of-a-start-up to vision-holder, collaborative leader, and culture-maker of a complex, thriving enterprise. The challenge, for you, is how to make that shift and still hold onto your sovereignty, spaciousness and creative freedom.
  • You want to focus your time and energy on big-picture visioning, culture-making, and those creative endeavours that are the engine that drives your business’s success. But, as your business grows increasingly complex, you find it challenging to stay true to your desires, protect your inner resources and nurture and support your own creative well-being.
  • You want the culture of your company to reflect your deepest values — and, as your company grows, you’re losing touch with its pulse. The result is stagnation and ineffectiveness on all levels. You need to find a way to strip back to essentials, to guide and nurture your team, and to create new ways of working that serve you, your company, and your bottom line.
  • Decisions that you once made intuitively and with a fine trust in your own capacity now become difficult and knotty, because the stakes are so much higher. You want to restore your trust in your own ability to assess risks and discern the path you need to take. You want, once again, to let your intuition be your sacred guide when big decisions are on the table. But as the voices around you get louder and more urgent, you find yourself second-guessing your most significant decisions.

Leading with courage and grace is not easy.

It requires heart, vision, perseverance in the face of risk, the capacity to learn from failure, stamina, unquenchable faith and unwavering devotion. It also requires that you show up for your business in a way you may never have before. That’s where our partnership can truly support you.

We’ll work intimately together to help you grow into your strength, power, vision and leadership. I’ll share with you the practices that have served my clients for over 40 years to help you build and develop your core team, align your company’s culture with your deepest values, trust your wisdom, discernment and creative heart, and accomplish results that go far beyond what you can imagine.

With my skilled support, you’ll build a relationship with your business that’s a living expression of your own soul, and the soul of your business.

Cynthia Occelli photo

“I can without any reservation recommend that if you are seeking to grow in line with your truth, with your deepest sense about what is good and right and true for you, Hiro is your guide.

She will walk beside you. She will lead you. She will push you. She will pull you, and she will hold you.

She will educate you and she will see over the hills in front of you when you can’t.”

Cynthia Occelli, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker,

Pam Slim photo

“I feel at a loss for words. You’ve rendered me speechless, and THAT doesn’t happen often. I just can’t thank you enough for the deep work and insight and LOVE you have given to me. Such clarity and grace, what a profound gift. Thank you for helping me to clear the way for amazing grace.”

Danielle LaPorte, Best-selling Author & Speaker; Business Strategist,

Pam Slim photo

“I have consulted with Hiro at a variety of transition stages in my business when I required a deep level of insight and guidance. Her deeply powerful sessions always left me both clear on the right business direction and super-charged with excitement and purpose.

Few people understand the human and spiritual side of business like Hiro does. She is a powerful mentor, and an ally of self-empowerment, sovereignty and the grace that lives within all of us.”

Pamela Slim, Creator of Escape From Cubicle Nation and Body of Work,

Pam Slim photo

“Working with Hiro is one of the most powerful transformational experiences I have enjoyed in a long life of such things. Her knowledge and wisdom is vast, her ability to help you shift extraordinary, and her heart shines so brightly. I find myself grinning just writing this — she’s that real and that good.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author & Teacher,

Pam Slim photo

“Working with Hiro is an investment in yourself and your business. As I completed the process of applying for a mentorship with her, I found myself emerging into the clarity of what I needed to accomplish, and why it was important to me to achieve my objectives.

The return on my investment is not just monetary, though that’s absolutely occurring. I am breathing the rarified air of a business that resonates with me and my market, and that brings me joy.”

Jill Leigh, Teacher & Founder of the Energy Healing Institute,

Client Policies

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.

  • Mentoring is a sacred partnership, one that calls for deep commitment to the journey. Your purchase of a mentoring program is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right program for you, please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work, and to consult with your own soul, before you make the investment.
  • All mentoring sessions take place over the phone. We will use my conference line, which offers free local dial-in access in many countries around the world.
  • I recommend calling in from somewhere quiet, private, and comfortable, and using a hands-free headset for the call.
  • If you wish, a complimentary recording of our phone sessions will be provided for you. You’ll receive a link to the recording so you can re-listen to our conversation anytime you wish.
  • Phone session appointments are available from 10 am to 3 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 96 hours (4 days) in advance. This time is being held for you — missed appointments and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded.

If you have questions about my private mentoring program, please email [email protected]

Thank you! I look forward to our work together.

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