Qualities of soul, such as love, play, generosity and abundance are at the very heart of our success — in life, and in business.

By choosing to cultivate those qualities which are closest to your heart, you add to the sum of these qualities in your own life, in your business and your world.

Each quality is held by a Deva, a subtle energy being who is the pattern-holder for the perfect unfolding of that quality in the world.

The Deva of Generosity invites us to play with it this week.

And, since structures are containers that help hold those qualities of soul essence that we want to cultivate in ourselves and in our world, consider creating a structure for yourself, to explore the spirit of generosity in your life and business this week.

Here’s one possible container in which you might play with generosity, this week. You can make up others — be creative and dream up containers that feel joyful and buoyant as well as grounded and nurturing, for you:

  • Invite the Deva of Generosity to infuse your world with its presence.
  • Be receptive to what it has to show you about your unfolding relationship with generosity.
  • Is this a quality that’s already well-developed within you?
  • Are you more generous with others than you are with yourself? Or the other way around?
  • Are you generous with your business?

Attune to the Deva of Generosity first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed, and last thing at night, before you drift off to sleep.

  • On each of the first two mornings, choose 3 specific actions you will take that day, to be generous towards yourself. Write them down in your journal.
  • On each of the next two mornings, add one action you will take that day, to be generous towards your business. Generosity can be as simple as embracing your difficulties in a loving and spacious heart, or taking the time to tune into your deep desires and giving yourself exactly what you want that day.
  • On the final three mornings of the week, add one action you will take that day, that extends generosity to your world.

When you attune to the Deva of Generosity at the end of your day, review the ways in which you’ve fulfilled your intentions/completed your acts of generosity for that day.

What has changed, in your understanding of and relationship with generosity?

What do you need to dissolve, release, add or expand in yourself, your life, your business, your world, to be part of the activity of the Deva of Generosity?

Keep this exploration light-hearted, playful, and fun.

Share it with a friend, or in the comments, below.