For the past few days, I’ve been stopped in my tracks by back spasms. They zing through my body – electrifyingly! –when I sit for longer than a few minutes, or turn to look over my shoulder, or bend forward even slightly.

This makes brushing my teeth an adventure sport.

It also means that I’ve had lots of time to do what I should have done a week ago: Talk with my inner selves about the next curve in the road, the next stage of growth in my business.

This afternoon, my wonderful web designer launches my freshly streamlined website.

Clarity, ease, simplicity.
Soul-powered transformation.

These are the qualities that are at the heart of my website — and my business.

They infuse my programs, and shape my relationships with clients and colleagues, staff and customers.

They are also qualities of my Business Deva. I bring them to work with me every day.

It isn’t surprising that what surfaces now are those inner selves whose experience of ease is muddy, at best. Many of them are young: Mired in a childhood where the turmoil of the world around them made being safe the primary value.

For them, transformation is fraught with fear of the shadows that lurk around the bend.

Some of them are carrying trauma that isn’t their own, although they’ve been bent over under the weight of it for so long that they believe it’s theirs.

Others are simply too young to walk this road unaided – they need to be carried, lovingly, safely, lightly.

So I’m traveling with the Deva of Obedience today. Listening to the whisper of the road ahead. Loving and serving the inhabitants of my inner kingdom in small, necessary ways.

We have this peculiar notion that we ought to be able to leave our troublesome, needy, clamorous selves outside the office door, and carry on with business as usual.

And yet, if you’ve ever tried to do that, you know just how noisy and plain old disruptive these inner selves can be, when you ignore them.

Everything we do, experience, and create forms the path of transformation that unfurls under our feet. It’s a path we make by walking.

Conscious creation speeds up transformation. And because business is all about conscious creation, being an entrepreneur is an ongoing invitation to our future selves to meet us on the road.

The greater the energy differential between your future self and your present self, the more skill, kindness and wisdom you will need, in order to negotiate the gap between the two.

It’s like translating from one language, or one culture, to another.

Clear communication matters. Giving your past and present selves time to get comfortable with your future selves matters.

Ultimately, all of your inner selves must travel together into your emerging future. You can’t leave any of them behind. If you neglect them, push them away, or try to bury them, they will haunt you.

That haunting may show up as sleepless nights; stress; physical pain; chronic illness; mood swings; attacks of heart-palpitating anxiety; or as cravings for sugar, chocolate or another drug of your choice.

In my case, these past few days, it’s been back spasms. Which ease as soon as I pay attention to those inner selves who need reassurance and connection so they feel safe enough to walk with me around that blind corner, that next bend in the road.

How about you? What changes are you making, or contemplating, in your business? In your life? How do you navigate those turns in the road?