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Yesterday I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon, who put me on a waitlist for hip replacement surgery. Here in Canada we’re blessed to have universal health-care, which means that the cost of my surgery will be covered by the modest health care insurance premiums I pay each month. The flip side of this is that surgical waitlists for joint replacements are up to a year long, and there’s no way to predict when the surgery will take place.

When I returned home from the appointment, I called a meeting with my soul, my inner selves, and my Business Deva, to explore how best to integrate surgery and recovery into the world of my business, when the timing of these events is unknown.

Holding the surgery/recovery in relationship to the ecology of my business, I invited both my soul and my Business Deva to harmonize these future elements with the pattern each of them holds for the perfect unfolding of my life, and the life of my business.

I watched timelines dissolve, only to emerge in different shapes and forms in my business’s ecology. The pattern of my life and business is being reconfigured to include the surgery. Allies appeared, from many dimensions, to lend their power and support to this reconfiguration. I went to bed with a peaceful heart, feeling in every cell of my body, the great movement of Divine Timing.

Over the next few days, I’ll do the things I can do now, to prepare for the surgery and its aftermath. Hire support. Talk with my family about what to expect, and what I might need from them. Arrange to buy or rent the equipment I’ll need after the surgery. But mostly, I’ll continue to harmonize the surgery and healing with the pattern that my soul and the Deva of my business hold, for the perfect unfolding of my life and my business.

When you’re facing uncertainty in your life — whether it’s due to illness, a relationship gone awry, death of a beloved, financial constriction, or any one of a myriad possibilities that have the potential to derail you — energy alchemy helps you align with the powers and potentials that love and support your incarnation and the world of your business.

It’s simple. It’s practical. It’s a profoundly relational way to take care of business.

How do you handle uncertainty in your life, and its potential impact on your business?