Every experience you’ve ever had is recorded in the cells of your body and the neurocircuitry of your brain.

When you feel the feelings and sensations that arise in your body, when you make room for them and let them flow, then the natural cycle of that experience is completed. The experience itself becomes integrated into your life. You learn and grow and become an evolving you, as a result of it. It becomes part of you.

Often, however, we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel what we feel. Perhaps your feelings were denied, belittled, or laughed at by others, and you decided it wasn’t safe to feel them any longer. Or maybe, when you were a kid, you were told you had to eat dinner even if you weren’t feeling hungry. Or you had to wear a jacket even though you weren’t cold.

After a while, you learned to deny or mistrust the truth of your own sensations, feelings, and inner knowing about what’s right for you.

Those feelings and sensations that you don’t feel fully, remain trapped in your body. They are stored in your memory and in your psyche as pictures. They are images, ideas, thoughts and symbols through which you filter all of your experiences.

These unresolved pictures distort and shape your current experience of reality.


A cluster of pictures forms a belief or a pattern.

Out of these patterns and beliefs, you create stories about who you are, how life works (or doesn’t), what you need, deserve, owe, are responsible for. What you can and cannot do or be. And a host of other things.


You are not your pictures. You are not your beliefs, or feelings, or thoughts, or experiences. You are an incarnate soul.

You have the power to work with your pictures and beliefs in a conscious way. Once you understand that your pictures, beliefs, patterns and stories are not you, you can choose how you want to interact with them.

You can transform them or release them, using energy technologies. You can bake a cake with them, or play with them in various ways.

You don’t have to stew in them, beat your head against them, or collapse into them unless you choose to. And you don’t have to allow them to shape your experience of reality now.

Every single interaction you have, in your business and in your life, is an opportunity to understand yourself, your patterns, your pictures and your stories more deeply. Every experience is an opportunity to write a different story.

This post is an excerpt from Become Your Own Business Adviser.