For some kinds of transformational/energy work, it’s helpful to be separate from the space in which you’re working, and from the elements and processes with which you are engaged. The work will be more effective if you establish a focus for your own consciousness that is separate from the vibrational field of the work you’re doing. This is especially true when you’re addressing long-standing issues, or patterns that have deep roots and a high emotional charge.

You can’t transform a sticky or tangled pattern by vibrating at the same frequency as the pattern. You have to bring a clearer, stronger vibration / pattern into relationship with the tangled pattern, in order to change it. You do this by accessing a more coherent, organized and integrated field of consciousness or attention.

Once you’re comfortable locating your attention in a space separate from the energies with which you are working, you can move freely along the entire spectrum of your being and find the most effective place from which to work with any individual issue.

For other situations or issues, it’s most useful to enter the space in which the pattern exists, and work from within it. This is largely a kinesthetic process. It achieves the same ends through different means.

Each of you will have primary modes of working that are most comfortable for you — visual, kinesthetic, auditory, whole-presence, and so on. It’s useful to develop skill and facility with each of these modes of working, so that you can bring the whole of yourself — all your gifts and genius — to the creative process of shaping your life, your business and your world.