Last week, I talked about alignment as one of the qualities necessary for any successful manifestation. Another essential quality, to bring your creative project from the realm of possibility, imagination and vision into concrete reality, is Power.

Everything that you do requires power. Power is the ability to make things happen.

The more fully you own your personal power, the more effectively you can create and manifest.

Your personal power is composed of a number of qualities, including sovereignty, self-esteem, self-appreciation, grounding, and the ability to be centered and focused.

It includes strong, flexible, permeable boundaries, knowledge, and insight.

Most of these qualities are in the realm of your incarnation-the particular end of the spectrum of your being.

Personal power is a quality of your physical, emotional and mental as well as your spiritual being.

All of your chakras are involved in owning your personal power, although power is a function of your third chakra.

The more you honor, appreciate and deepen your personhood, the more personal power you have available to shape your life.

Personal power is an aspect of the particular, incarnate end of the continuum of your being, and is linked, through your soul, to the spiritual quality or Deva of power, which holds the pattern for the unfolding of this quality in all realms.

There are a number of different aspects to personal power. Among them are the power to see, the power to choose, and the power to act.

The Power to See

First of all, we can choose what we see. We choose the lens through which we focus.

You can choose to see the circumstances of your life as opportunities for growth and creation or you can choose to see them as wounds and disabilities.

Or you can simply choose to see them as they are.

You can choose to see the continuum through which your soul carries you through experiences of wounding and disability into growth and creation.

How you see yourself and the world around you will determine what your experiences of that world will be.

Seeing, in other words, is in some way about belief.

If you believe that your relationship to the world is an antagonistic one, that the world is a scary place and you have to protect yourself from it, then you will diminish and deplete your power.

Because so much of your power will go out to the boundary of your space to try and defend your space that the interior of your space-your inner self-will be vacant.

When you are absent rather than present, you are vulnerable to energies entering your space that don’t honor your sovereignty.

This is where grounding, and the kinds of energy work I talk about here, and in How to Rule Your World From the Inside Out, can be very helpful.

When you dissolve or transform the beliefs and the pictures that keep you from seeing things as they are, you clear the distorting lenses that shape your experience of reality.

You see people and situations in their wholeness-their contradictions, vulnerability and fragmentation, as well as their beauty, strength, and delight–rather than through the scrim of your fears, beliefs, programming and pictures.

There is great power and creative freedom in clear seeing.