As we celebrate the return of the light, and the imminent birth of a new year, stop a moment. Drop into your spacious heart. Sink down beneath the surface noise and chatter, to the deep truth of your desire.

Make a wish, or three:

  • One for yourself. What do you most deeply long to receive or create, in the New Year?
  • One for someone / something / someplace you love. What do you truly wish for, or long to give to your beloveds, in the New Year?
  • One for your world. What blessing do you want to offer your world, or to some specific place or activity in your world, in the New Year?

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Be as specific and practical, or as wide and all-encompassing as you wish.

Then, write each of your wishes on a single piece of paper. Place your wishes in a bowl, bless each one, and place the bowl on your altar. If you don’t have an altar, create a simple wishing altar, in a quiet corner of your home and place your bowl in the center of it.

Our wishes are powerful when they emerge from our deepest desires, are aligned with our soul’s purposes, and are backed by clear intention and purposeful action. They manifest in miraculous ways when we co-create them with the powers of wholeness.

I’ll begin with my own three wishes:

  • For myself : light, in every cell of my body, dissolving all obstacles, radiating out into the world
  • For my beloveds : sweet love, true discernment, creative power, faithful wisdom
  • For my world : deep, abiding, abundant peace

Your turn! Which three wishes will you plant, for the New Year?