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There are powerful planetary energies at play right now that exacerbate polarization, division, fear, and friction. At the same time, there are available energies of wholeness, radiance and peace.

Each of us is both an individual being — our singular self — and in relationship with all other forces on this earth. The energies of entropy affect us because they are in the atmosphere around us — we swim in them like fish in the sea. But they also exert pressure through our connection with others in our lives who may be susceptible to them, and through our energetic connection to the earth.

So…here are some ways to stay strong, present and calm in the midst of fear and chaos:

1. Ground yourself. Make an energetic connection between your body, and the purest, clearest energy source on earth — the soul or Deva of the Earth. Connect also to the Deva of the Cosmos and the Deva of Humanity. These forces work tirelessly to harmonize life on earth.

2. Bring yourself back to your own center, and radiate your presence from there all the way out to the periphery of your energy field.

3. Invite your soul’s presence into your body, through the back of your heart. Fill yourself with your soul’s radiance. Embody more of your soul’s power and presence.

4. Clear and release energies and emotions that are not yours, out of your body and energy field. Create a state of harmonic resonance in your own energy field. This is your inner world. Fill it with the qualities you want to experience, and work skillfully with the energies that disrupt it. Practice sovereignty.

5. Feel your own feelings; let them flow. Call a circle of your inner selves into your heart. Open your heart to every part of you — the strong and the timid, the fearful and the powerful. Practice compassion. Be the face of love within your own heart.

6. Stay in present time. When you find yourself feeling powerless, trapped in catastrophic stories — characterized by phrases like “always” and “never” among others — breathe, ground, bring yourself back to center, and into the present moment. Your senses help anchor you in the present moment, so open up to the tenderness of your breath, to the beauty of the world within and around you.

When fear surrounds you, it’s easy to get swept off into the future — into what-if-land. Since your body can’t follow you there, tipping out of yourself, into the future, will leave you feeling fearful.

Your body is always in touch with what’s real right now. Dance. Play. Inhabit joy. Feel the solid ground of earth beneath your feet.

7. Confusion is almost always a sign that you’re dealing with energies — or emotions, thought-forms, beliefs and stories — that aren’t yours. Release anything that doesn’t belong to you, and then see how you feel.

8. Ask for help: from your soul, from your beloveds, your community, and from allies and helpers in all dimensions.

You are not the small, scared, isolated self you may feel yourself to be. You are a vast, multidimensional being, and you have capacities and resources you can barely begin to imagine. They are real. They are powerful. And they are actively invested in the success of your incarnation — they always respond when you ask.

When you’re ready, offer help in whatever ways you can.

9. Give yourself the gift of spaciousness. Turn off the news, stay off social media — separate from the high levels of fear that are haunting the world right now.

10. Get outdoors. Breathe in the ever-present beauty and generosity of Nature. Tune into your body, the body of the earth. Commune with what’s real. Attune to spirit, which moves in dimensions of timelessness. Attune to the essence of the qualities you need to help you — strength; patience; fortitude; safety; humour; stability; wisdom; power; inspiration.

11. Make clear energetic separations from everything and everyone else, and return to the simplicity of your own being, as it is right now. Your senses bring you into the present moment, so tune into your breath, your body, what you taste, smell, touch, hear and see.

12. When fear comes knocking, with its stories of impending doom, ask yourself: right here, right now, am I safe? Am I dying? Or deathly ill? Or about to be eaten by a dinosaur? Is what I’m afraid of actually happening right now?

13. Manage your energy. Bring a pink-gold vibration into your reptilian brain (at your brain stem), a clear gold light into your mid-brain. Close down your first chakra until it’s only as open as you can handle comfortably. Close down the energy channels at the back of your head and neck, and across your shoulders, and fill them with clear gold light.

14. Make an action plan and follow through with it. Do at least one thing each day, to better the situation. Work with your friends and neighbours to help and strengthen your own community. Be creative about ways in which you and your business can contribute to positive action in the world around you. Look for organizations who are doing the work on the ground, whose efforts you can support and participate in. Or start one of your own.

. . .

These practices will help. Reality is always Whole, and always on your side. Even though fragmentation can be LOUD, its power is limited to volume.

Each time you recognize and name the fear and trauma around you, bring yourself back into resonance with your own soul, and into harmony with Wholeness, you contribute to the healing of the world. You bring calm, strength and peace to your own body, your life, and your community.

Times of uncertainty and change call us to the task of making meaning and wholeness within ourselves. You can choose to be a source of healing and blessing. Your Presence is needed in our world.

Bring a clearer, stronger vibration of peace and harmony into any situation dominated by violence, terror or trauma. In any situation, the clearest, strongest energy always prevails. Each of us can do our part. Together, we can make a difference.