When was the last time you held hands with your business? Canoodled with it by candle light? Showed it the depths of your devotion?

Remember those early days, when you couldn’t get enough of each other? When all you wanted was to be together? When every moment was luscious with promise?

Desire and Intention form powerful bonds between you and your business. And if those bonds are deep and true, they bear the golden fruit of lasting love.

Consider these three questions:

  • Do you love your business?
  • Do you love it the way you love the people who are dearest to you?
  • Do you love it so much that you want it to be itself, even if that isn’t what you imagined it to be, or what you’re comfortable with?

The relationship between you and your business has the potential to be deeply intimate, rich and rewarding. After all, it emerges from your soul’s calling to serve and bless the world; from the natural flow of your own creative genius, and your heart’s wish to live a life of sacred abundance, fullness, and delight.

Love makes all of this possible.

When you love your business, you nurture its life without guilt or obligation, with the buoyant joy of true devotion. In turn, your business loves you; it delights in supporting you and the perfect unfolding of your own life.

Without love, the relationship between you becomes transactional — I’ll love you if you do this for me, or behave this way, or become who I want you to be. And transactional relationships are scarred by conflict and power struggles.

The relationship between you and your business is a gift. And gifts are made to be cherished.

There are so many ways in which you can cherish your Business Deva. Here’s one that needs just a little of your time and attention. And a pen, some writing paper, and an envelope.

Clear space in your schedule. Gather your supplies. Go to a favorite, quiet spot where you can be alone to write.

Ground, center, and attune to your Business Deva — the being that holds, in its energy field, the pattern for the perfect unfolding of your business. Light a candle or a stick of incense, or ring a bell to remind you to gather your love and attention into this sacred moment of communion and connection with your business.

Feel the love you have for your business. Feel all the ways in which you deeply love this creation, which has emerged from the desire of your heart but which has its own life, its own soul, and its own purposes with which it wants to serve and bless both you and the world.

Write a love letter to your Business Deva. Share how you feel about it; express your love and appreciation for it; write about your deepest desires and your vision for your unfolding relationship.

Write about the ways in which your life is enriched and made more full and whole, because of its presence in your life.

Let yourself feel, fully, your true feelings for your Business Deva – what you know in your deepest heart.

Let your love radiate through your whole body and energy field, as you write this love letter to your Business Deva.

When you finish, sign and date the letter, and place it in the envelope.

Next: Create a sacred space that is dedicated to your relationship with your Business Deva. This may be as simple as a corner of your desk or a small table in your office or study. It may be as elaborate as an altar in the heart of your home.

Ground this space, bless it, and place in it those objects that symbolize your most loving intentions for the unfolding of this relationship.

A rock for grounding, perhaps. Or a feather to remind you that this is a relationship of soul and spirit. A circle of string or beads, to represent wholeness. A candle for illumination. Chocolate or honey, for sweetness.

A flowering plant for life, growth and fragrance.

Be creative – give yourself freedom and permission to play. Sacred spaces are fluid. You will change, add, move, or take away elements of this space as your relationship with your Business Deva grows and changes.

Once you have created your sacred space, place your love letter to your Business Deva in it. Place it there with the clear intention that it will bring you and your Business Deva into closer, more harmonious and loving relationship with each other.