When you’re teaching, or facilitating a group, if you resonate to the frequency of the group, you will do them and yourself a great disservice.

To create a safe and effective container for transformation, you gather, hold, and collaborate with a wide variety of energies: the Deva of your group or program, its allies, your allies, your program participants’ souls, their allies, and so on. You can only do this when you are sovereign, and in right relationship with each of the elements in your program’s ecology.

The folks working with your materials will go through their “stuff” during the program — it’s what transformational programs are designed to do. If you compromise your sovereignty, you’ll be in their stuff with them, rather than available to hold a clearer, stronger vibration within which they can safely navigate their stuff without becoming it.

At a soul level, you are indeed their soul’s friend. On a 3-D, physical world level, you have a different task — one that requires sovereignty, clarity, power, strength, wisdom and real, unsentimental love.

Each time you teach, you grow your capacity to embody and express the qualities that make you a great teacher. Teaching is learning, a path to wholeness.