This morning, I’m living inside the first of the questions that I’ll invite the folks who participate in my 2-day virtual retreat, Dreaming in the Dark, to explore: What is the central theme of the story you tell, about your life and your business?

The central theme of my own story has been a shifting shoreline — shaped and re-shaped through my encounters with the tides of experience, culture, relationship, my own soul’s desires and the choices I make in response to my world.

Today, the story elements that I’m playing with are focused through the lens of questions that have filled my heart since I was a child.

Who am I — now, today?
Why am I here — now, today?
What is calling me into greater love and engagement with my world?

And, this one, with which I begin most of my days:

What do I deeply and truly want, today? And where does my desire meet the world’s need, today?

Our deep questions are the light of the sacred, illuminating our path.

What questions are you living inside, today?