Judgment is not discernment. It may give you a temporary feeling of power and satisfaction, but it’s often just a poor substitute for your soul.

When you find yourself judging — people, situations, yourself, the state of the world, what-is — tune into the helplessness, fear, sadness, anger or emptiness that pools beneath the armour of judgement.

Breathe into these feelings, welcome them into your heart. Make room for them to flow freely, to share their wisdom and truth with you. The light they shine will reveal to you your profound, holy hunger for your soul.

Turn to face and embrace your soul. As you blend with it, surrender to it your longing, your tender, lonely heart, your yearning for communion, love, union, redemption.

Invite your soul to flow through the back of your heart to fill your spine with its radiance. Invite it to infuse and enliven every cell of your body. Welcome its blaze through the layers of your energy body and into your miraculous life.

Feel the vibrancy of your soul made flesh in you.

Fill up with soul food. Let your breath soften, deepen. Rest in the feeling of home, of belonging — with your soul, your body, your world. Re-united with the source of your life, the wellspring of your joy, feel yourself one with everyone and everything — while remaining uniquely, irreplaceably yourself.

Feel the simplicity and love that you are, welcoming your world with open arms, and a discerning, generous heart.

Notice: Where did judgement go?