Magnolia Blossoms |

The Deva of Abundance invites us to play with it this week. Abundance is a quality of the Soul of the Earth, which expresses the Sacred in a multitude of forms. It is also a quality of your own soul, so it lives within you. As you explore your relationship with the Deva of Abundance, you might begin by recalling all the ways in which your life is abundant right now.

Because I grew up in a newly post-colonial, pre-technology India, I’m still gobsmacked, at times, by the miracle of everyday technology — everything from the telephone (!) to shampoo, from car washes to curbside recycling pick-up. Each of these is a source of wonder and astonishment.

Abundance abounds, when we open our eyes to it. And springtime brings its own exuberant bounty of blossoms and birds, silver herring, new leaves and sap rising.

Where is Abundance already showing up in your life?

How do you meet it? With delight? Fear of how it will change you, or fear that it will go away? Love? Tenderness? Something else?

What are your beliefs about it? How do they affect your relationship with the Deva of Abundance?

What containers and pathways have you created, in your business and in your life, for the flow of Abundance to enter your world and to be safely held in your first chakra and the first chakra of your business?

Abundance is the primary vibration of a healthy first chakra. Invite the Deva of Abundance to bring the pattern that it holds in its energy field for the perfect unfolding of this quality, into your first chakra. Pay attention to what happens next. What relaxes and releases, when you do this? What begins to flow, in your life?