Today’s practice:

It’s Fall, here in my neck of the woods — the season when Light turns from summer-shaded eyes and sun-blessed skin to begin her steep descent through the corridor of bones, into the cold, slow marrow of winter.

Season of drifting leaves, of trees returning their green-gold life to their ancient roots.

Today, play with falling. Play with it on the floor of your dance studio, your yoga mat, your soft, soft bed. Better yet, rake up a great pile of leaves, and fall into them. As you fall, feel the rush and whoosh and gasp of letting gravity have her way with you. Savour the tickle of leaves in your nose, their cushiony crunch, their peaty breath enfolding you.

With your back smooshed into piles of leaves, breathe in; breathe out. Feel your heart slowing to a steady drumbeat. Feel the cradle of grace that is your breath, rocking you.

With each breath in, feel the lungs of the world breathing for you. With each breath out, feel the earth breathing with you. Feel yourself being breathed in utter safety — a child cradled in falling leaves, cradled in the lap of the world.

Safely held, you are free to play. You can climb. You can fly. You can fall. You can lift. You can drop, tumble, roll, let go.

Feel your heart race as you climb, as you launch yourself from that highest branch. Fly! Wheeee! Fall! Whooosh!

Fall into safety. Fall into lift and loft and tumble, into scratch and soft and thump and rustle. Fall into freedom.

Let the feeling of falling shake your limbs, limber your heart. Let it swing you by the hand through the enchantment of the day. Know this, in your bones — you’re free to fall, and rise, and fall again, climb, leap, fly again.

Let your mind mimic your body’s freedom. Loosen your grip on the things that vex you. Let them fall, too. Let them fall.

Fall for the joy of it! Fall for the joy!

#ToBeSoul_DoSoul #AdventuresInCreativeConsciousness