For many years now, I’ve had a daily practice of attuning to the Devas, and partnering with them to create my life, my business, and my world as consciously as I can. These partnerships have been a source of immense blessing. They have helped me grow, take my place in the ecology of being, and become a source of light, love and blessing in the midst of all my human vulnerability, frailty and imperfection.

We are earth angels. We have the power to shape our world through the choices we make, and through the qualities we cultivate, hold, embody and express.

Everything that exists in the material world has a spiritual counterpart, which holds the pattern or blueprint for its perfect unfolding. I call these subtle-energy beings Devas, a Sanskrit word that means Shining Ones.

Your home has its own Deva, as does your family and your business. There are Devas of place — of landscapes, cities and countries – and Devas of Nature, who hold the pattern for every tree and blade of grass, every body of water, rock, planet and galaxy.

Devas of spiritual qualities hold the pure essence of the qualities in their care.

Qualities such as love, service, tenderness, compassion, clarity, joy, play, light, adventure, humor and purpose are at the heart of all creation. They are the essence around which all incarnation takes shape, and they are the core values around which you build your life, your business, your family, and whatever else you choose to create.

By attuning to the Devas of spiritual qualities, developing relationships with them and partnering with them, you can cultivate your own ability to embody these qualities and radiate them into your life and your world.

These qualities are already within you, as seeds or potentials. But some of them may be more fully developed than others.

During this holiday season, when the pressure of entrenched expectations and old family patterns can trigger toxic emotions and unhealthy ways of relating, you can call on the Devas for help.

When Cousin Susan makes the same joking reference to your weight or your unmarried status that she makes every year; when Uncle Bob launches into his theory that global warming is a left-wing plot to take over the world; when you find yourself wondering whether you were captured by an alien tribe and forced into this family against your will as a baby – call on the Deva of Clarity, Simplicity, Peace, Wisdom, Appreciation, Humor – or any of the qualities with which you want to fill yourself, your home, your relationships, and your world.

By setting a clear intention to embody these qualities, you have the power to choose your own experience, and to shape the situations that unfold around you. But by itself, your personal power is limited. When you call on a Deva for help, support and partnership, it lends its power to yours, to help you hold a field of love and blessing that embraces everyone at your holiday table.

Through this sacred, creative partnership, miracles happen.
Conflict, projections, old stories and bitterness melt in the light of the Sacred, of whom we are all fractals (even Uncle Bob!).

In any situation, the clearest, strongest energy prevails. When that energy is one you intentionally set, and hold as a field for everyone around you to participate in, if they choose, you become a source of light, love and blessing.

As my gift to you – for the holidays, and for the rest of your life, if you wish – my wonderful designer, Richard Miller, and I have created a set of online Deva cards for you to explore and play with. They come with written instructions as well as a guided audio meditation to help you focus and clarify your intention, and choose a Deva to help you fulfill it.

You can use these cards to deepen your relationships with the Devas of soul qualities, and to develop these qualities more fully within yourself. Share the cards with the people you love. Use them every day, if you like, to set an intention for your day. Play with them in various ways, and let me know what happens in your world as you develop deeper relationships with these Devas.

My dearest wish for you is that you express the radiance, beauty and miracle of your inner being, and bring the power of your presence to bless and shape a world in which you and everyone you love can truly flourish.

Many blessings to you and your beloveds in this season of the returning light.

Love, Hiro

PS: Heres the link to the online Deva Cards.