It’s my birthday! And I have gifts for you that I trust will remind you to play, laugh, and bathe in your own splendid, squirmy delight.

We sometimes forget, in the midst of the daily noise, who we really are and why we chose to make ourselves at home in this beautiful, bewildering world. When you’re focused on scrambling over the wall in front of you, you can miss the wide horizon that invites you to melt into its embrace.

So, here are some gifts to remind you of your gorgeous, creative Self.

You Are a Miracle a video poem
You Are a Miracle a downloadable poster and desktop wallpaper
Please click the links above, to download your gifts. The poster and video poem are always available to you.

Enjoy! And, if you feel inspired, please offer your own beautiful, creative heart to your world in whatever way calls to you, today.

Phone a friend, and tell her what you cherish about her.

Write a poem, take your camera out on a photo-date, paint, cook a meal, or put on some music and dance.

Share your joy and exuberance. The world needs you, O Miraculous One!

Make your life a celebration, today!

Love, Hiro