Shrine Gate |

Shrine Gate

This morning, I’ve been playing with the Deva of Willingness. It is spacious, friendly, reassuring, grounded. It fills me with a feeling of deep safety, and trust.

In the Devas presence, my body relaxes. My shoulders drop, belly expands with each in-breath. My eyes soften in their sockets.

Even the soles of my feet open to meet the ground beneath them, tenderly, lovingly. Receiving the nurturing flow of Earth energy into my body. Filling up with healing warmth.

The gifts of willingness.

For some time now, I’ve been hearing the call of my Business Deva to cross the next frontier in the expanding, evolving country of my business. Much of me is dancing with excitement — eager to explore this new terrain. My intrepid selves are ready for great adventures. They cant wait to discover new landscapes of delight and play, creativity and communion in the world of my business.

Others of my inner selves – younger, more timid – want to run for cover and hide behind the skirts of a grownup. They want to be safe. Loved for who and where they are. Appreciated. Invited to the party, not pushed or pulled where they aren’t yet ready to go.

The tasks ahead feel as daunting to these younger selves as venturing into the dragons lair. They tremble. They close their eyes tightly shut. No, they will not step out beyond this gate. They are quite happy right here, in their own walled garden. Thanks, but no thanks, they say to my Business Devas call.

They can hear the hiss of the dragons breath, just beyond the garden gate.

My inner three-year-old has many gifts. Running a business is not one of them. My inner twelve-year-old needs safety, and room to grow. Her young shoulders are not made to bear the burden of growing my business too.

Willingness gives my younger selves permission to be. To grow at their own pace. To take on no more than they can safely handle.

Willingness also gives my fearless, adventurous, creative selves room to play. To run and dance and climb and fly. To cavort with new friends. To scoop up star fire in their cupped hands and bring it back to Earth. To shape my life and business from this star stuff, like shaping PlayDoh.

Willingness doesn’t say: Yes, I will do this, I will zoom to the next galaxy – make way!

It says only: I am willing.

Willing to open my eyes. To be where I am. To explore, to dream.

To greet each stranger on the path as a sacred messenger. As a friend and ally in the play of world-making.

Willing to be surprised. Willing to love. To change and be changed. To be supported and to support.

To shape a new story.

The gifts of willingness.

How about you? What happens when you meet the Deva of Willingness at the garden gate today?