The New Year brings a great wave of hope and optimism – which lifts our spirits, makes us buoyant, helps us navigate life’s journey joyfully, consciously.

And, I find myself shrinking away from the clamor of plans and intentions, goals and declarations that fill the air at this time of year.

Desire is the voice of the soul, guiding us to our deepest purposes. To hear it, we have to open our arms and release agendas and strategies. Sink into the quiet where our hearts are free to wander.

This is how I begin my days – with inner wandering, following Desire’s bare, brown heels down winding paths and across white-capped waves. Listening. Writing. Slipping sideways through an image, a feeling, a word, the Muse’s warm breath, into the curled heart of a poem.

So, for now, I am sitting with a simple question — which I invite you to explore too, if you wish: What would be a miracle for you, this year?

Take your time with this. Let your responses emerge from your deepest, shyest desires, in the bell of your soul’s true voice.

There are no right or wrong answers to this question.

And you get to ask it – and answer it – in as many ways as you choose. Wherever and whenever you choose. When you’re driving to the dentist. Or cooking dinner. Tending to your business. Or drifting in the misty waters between sleep and waking.

What would be a miracle for you, this year?

Every creation follows an arc, from Desire through intention, mobilization, action and fulfillment.

Over the next while, I look forward to exploring this arc with you. I work with it through the skills and gifts of energy alchemy, which I’ll share with you. But miracles come to life through many pathways. Find yours, share them, and use them to shape the miracles that are yours to co-create.