If you find yourself repeating patterns of not-enoughness in your business — not enough time, money, sales, connection, resources, allies, creative joy or whatever you truly desire — chances are, you’ve landed in a bog of past trauma, either from your own life, that of your family or lineage, or trauma that arises from the political and social environment in which you and your family lived.

Trauma distorts the pattern that your soul, and the Deva of your business, hold for the perfect unfolding of your business’s life. And, since you are essential to the well-being of your business, any trauma that paralyzes you will affect your business to greater or lesser degree, depending on how you address it.

Consider this.

1. The most brilliant business strategy is useless until you can back it with your capacity to hold the field in which it unfolds.

2. Whatever strategies you devise, they’ll succeed only to the extent that you’re willing and able to receive the flow of provision, prosperity and support they are designed to create.

If you want a stable foundation of safety, prosperity, provision and support for your business, first do the inner work of building your capacity. Bring all of yourself to the process — wholeheartedly, without ambivalence.

Release those stories, ancestral histories and inherited beliefs, karmic and other patterns that cause inner divisions between the you that is forthright, adventurous, brave, creative, willing and playful, and the you that doesn’t believe you have the right or the power to flourish, to grow into the fullness of your being.

To transform patterns etched by trauma, it’s essential to create an inner field of safety and stability. You don’t have to shrink, become invisible, or sip air through a straw in order to be safe. Survival is not living; you don’t have to make do with the bare minimum necessary to sustain life, in order to be safe.

If your early experiences — or those of your ancestors — were experiences of being unsafe, unwanted, unloved, discriminated against, terrorized, or pushed to the margins, you may struggle to feel safe at those junctures in your life when you are being called to take calibrated risks in your business.

You may shy away from opportunities that flow your way, even though you want them and have worked hard to create them. You may find that, when greater abundance flows your way, you mistrust its impact and barricade yourself against it, sometimes in subtle ways. Perhaps each time your income doubles, your expenses mysteriously follow suit. Or you find yourself dragging your feet instead of making important decisions and following through on them.

You do this, not because you’re lazy or stupid or unlucky, but because you don’t feel safe.

Safety is a quality of your soul. It is in you, not something bestowed upon you by an external authority.

Your most reliable protection comes from union with your soul, from your soul’s presence, which brings with it all the powers and qualities of your soul. This doesn’t mean that systemic inequities and abuses of power don’t affect you, or will magically vanish without the necessity to act to change them. It does mean that, when you are full of your self, in the best way, you have the power and capacity to effect change.

For now, your job is to remind every part of yourself that you are safe, cared for, loved, cherished, and provided for with every breath you take. When you invite all of you into the present moment, you create a field of safety within which you can explore, adventure, make magic, and grow. Your fear, your past experiences of trauma, will no longer hold you or your business hostage.

Let every part of you know that it’s safe to receive that which nourishes and supports you in your flourishing. Make friends with the Devas of Provision, Support, Nurturance, Money, Safety, Discernment and Truth.

Celebrate your sensual world, and your place in it.

Then, devise and act on those strategies that will fulfill your most radiant desires.

Become the story-maker.