There is a profound hunger for freedom, spaciousness, abundance and ease, among our community of creative entrepreneurs. We long to contribute our creativity, skills and heart to the task of building a world that works for everyone. We believe in business as a soul path. We also want to flourish, to build a foundation of wealth and prosperity for ourselves, our beloveds, our communities and our planet.

And yet, when we pursue success on terms that are not our own, we suffer. Ease and joy are lost in the daily grind of too much and not enough. Too many things clamoring for our time and attention. Too many responsibilities, demands, needs to be met. Not enough time, support, spaciousness, breathing room.

At every stage of business, we are offered these gifts and challenges: To meet our own needs and those of our businesses, with a full heart. To honor our true desires even when they seem to contradict each other. And to stay creative, playful, engaged and flexible while taking inspired action to fulfill our vision of what we and our businesses can be.

The true basis for abiding success, in life and in business, is presence and connection. When you are deeply connected with your soul, you know what’s right for you, and you act to fulfill your true desires. When you are deeply connected with the soul of your business, you have a clear vision of its life and purpose, and a powerful ally in bringing that vision down to earth.

Your definition of success is as individual as you are — and it will change over time, as your true desires, and those of your business, continue to evolve.

Sustainable success is anchored in clear intention, attuned to your own desires and those of your business, followed by purposeful action.