Money doesn’t belong to you, but it does belong with you. It is the lifeblood of the Devas of Provision and Sustenance.

When it’s able to circulate freely, money enters your life through your engagement with your world, through your work and service, creativity and art, and the doorways of your receptivity and love.

It also enters through the grace of others, through the activity of the political, economic and social systems in which your life is embedded, through the garden gates of relationship.

If those doorways are closed, if money cannot find a way to enter your life, it isn’t because there’s something wrong with you, because you’re undeserving in some way, or because you haven’t found the right hook, the right marketing system, the right job or career. It isn’t because you don’t know the right people, or have the right product to take to market. You may need to refine and smooth the pathways through which money is able to flow in your life, but maintaining open pathways is an ongoing process in any relationship.

Let go of trying to manipulate your way into right relationship with money. Manipulation never works, not over the long haul. Being in right relationship with money is an art. It calls you to be more fully yourself, to be honest, vulnerable, receptive, willing to act when action is called for; willing to be changed by the encounter, willing to dive in even if you can’t exactly swim, yet.

Get to know money — learn how it functions in different environments and circumstances. Do your homework. Learn about the systems that govern the flow of money and resources in your own society and globally. Understand money’s potentials and possibilities, what it can and cannot do, what needs to change, in our economic, political and social systems, for money to do its work as an agent of provision and sustenance for all.

Then, align your own strengths and resources with those of the Deva of Money to serve the causes and communities you love, to serve those who need access to what money can provide.

Money already belongs with you, though it will never belong to you. The Deva of Money is a sovereign being, as are you. It is free to flow in and through your life so long as you honour its sovereignty and your own, and are willing to be in relationship with it.

Consider which doors you have the ability to open right now, to welcome money into your life.

Where does your deep desire meet your gifts and talents and the world’s need? Open that door.

Serve with your whole heart; serve for the joy of it, serve because you love life, serve because you love this beautiful, shattered world and want to restore it to wholeness.

Trust the sources of provision and clear the pathways through which money can enter and flow.

If those pathways are blocked — if illness has laid you low, if the needs of your family or your business have drained your resources, if you no longer have the bandwidth for more engagement, more doing — you can still open the door of receptivity, the door of grace, and embrace money at the threshold.

That which belongs with you will return to you when you offer it hospitality and welcome. Find the pattern of money in your own heart and bring it to life.

Open the doors through which money can enter, circulate, nourish your life — and flow out to nourish the life of your world. Be an ally and partner to the Deva of Money. It serves the same elemental functions as water, air, fire, and the earth that sustains us all.