This morning, I woke to monsoon skies and the first hint of Fall in the air. The creative ferment of September is calling.

And, this morning I had a wonderfully stimulating, enlightening, laughter-filled conversation with my dear friend, Danielle LaPorte.

We talked about desire, heeding the call of that which is scratching at you, wanting to be born. The risk of following your truth wherever it leads. And the divine flow that links creative freedom, metrics and true success.

Bestselling author. Inspiring truth-seeker. Playful mama. Creative powerhouse.

Danielle is all these things, and more.

Listen in as we riff on the roots of creativity, saying yes, and inspired action. Plus, Danielle makes a surprise announcement!

Hiro Boga in conversation with Danielle La Porte


For those of you who prefer to read, here’s a downloadable transcript of our conversation: Hiro & Danielle conversation – transcript.

Many thanks to Rachel Rofe for providing the transcription.