When so much that you’ve relied on in the past seems to be crumbling, when the ground beneath your feet is dissolving moment by moment, consider this:

Your life and your business are microcosms of the societies in which we live. This is the time of necessary unraveling, as that which is incoherent, unintegrated, misaligned, misdirected, in our world and in our businesses, disintegrates. The outer forms fall apart, to reveal the essence that is seeking new forms that are wholesome, integrated, in service to wholeness and to the good of all beings.

It helps to remember that you’re laying a foundation of coherency and integration on which to build your life, your business, and our world. Without this preliminary work of tearing down structures, patterns, and ways of being that are inherently unsustainable, whatever you build is built on unstable ground.

The reality you may be experiencing in the ecology of your business, in the ecology of your life, is a consequence of many, complex variables functioning in relationship to each other; among them: Global, systemic forces and patterns that are life-denying, that seek profit at the expense of the health and vitality of all beings, including the planet itself; the ways in which these forces shape and impact your clients’ and customers’ lives as well as your own; and the integrity and coherency, or lack thereof, of your inner ecology and that of your business.

There aren’t any shortcuts to the work of building coherency. You can’t leap ahead to where you want to be without first laying the groundwork for the business and life that your soul envisions. This is the time to rely on the foundation of practice. Whatever your spiritual practice may be, turn to it for refuge, with diligence and devotion. Let yourself be held by the lineages that are yours — spiritual, ancestral, cultural, artistic and more. These lineages are the holders of soul truths, translated into forms that can be applied to that which ails us today.

You cannot rely on your own strength alone. You cannot rely on the easy transactions of branding and marketing that are not rooted in lived values and a structural foundation of integrity and coherency.

Build a stable architecture in your own energy body, and in the energy body of your business, your family, your life. Practice will help you develop the power, sovereignty , skill and humility you will need in order to be a trustworthy steward of your own gifts and those of your clients.

We are dismantling inherently unstable ways of living and working, in order to build forms that have the capacity to truly serve ourselves and our communities, our ancestors and our descendants, for whatever time we, as a species, have left on this planet.

If you’re struggling to figure out what’s next in your business, in this time of great upheaval and uncertainty, get creative about income generation and right livelihood so you can focus on this deeper work without being waylaid by fear.

Simplify your outer life as much as you can, so you have the freedom to respond to the movements of your soul, and the soul of your business, towards greater wholeness, integrity and coherency. This will serve you and your world more truly than trying to build an edifice on shifting sands.