As entrepreneurs with transformational businesses, we have to be clear about whom we serve, and how we serve them. It isn’t your responsibility to convince anyone of the reality of soul, spirit, subtle energies, and so on.

People are sovereign beings, with the right to make sovereign choices about their beliefs, among other things. Your job is to communicate as clearly and lucidly as possible that which you are here to share or to teach.

Your work will land with those who are ready to hear it, even if they don’t get it all at first. When you try to “convince” them of the truth of what you’re teaching, you move out of your own center and (sometimes) into theirs, leaving your own kingdom empty and depleting your power and presence. It’s disrespectful of your own sovereignty and of theirs.

It can feel like a fine distinction between clear communication and the need to convince, but it’s really another aspect of right relationship — with yourself, and with your community.