My students often ask me what I do, on a daily basis, to stay present, grounded and focused on what matters most. Everything I teach and share is a response to this question, but — distilled to its essence — my daily practice is an ongoing communion with the Sacred in the everyday world.

The central organizing principle of my life is Wholeness, which is the expression and activity of Source in all forms of life. By embracing wholeness, I become a Source of all the qualities with which I want to fill my life and my world.

So, in everything I do, I seek wholeness, harmony, right relationship with my world.

From that first waking moment, emerging from the undertow of dreams, to the last mumbled litany of thanks before surrendering to the embrace of night, I measure the choices before me against one question: Will this choice bring me into greater wholeness, coherency, harmony and integration, or take me further away from it?

The choices I make each day emerge from this profound commitment to wholeness. Wholeness speaks through my heart’s deepest desires; through the wild, clear call of my soul; through the patient wisdom of my body. So, I listen — for what is being asked of me by my world, for my heart’s true response.

Then, I choose the course of action that brings my inner ecology into a state of greater harmony and wholeness.

At its simplest, my daily practice is one of attunement to wholeness, and to the soul qualities that are part of the ecology of wholeness. By expressing these qualities in my own life, I contribute to the sum of these qualities in my world.

So, today, I extend my love, appreciation, and blessing to everything I encounter — to my own body, feelings, desires and needs; to the air I breathe; the chair in which I sit to type these words; and to the communion of our relationship — you and me, communing heart-to-heart through these words.

The daily practice of being a Source of wholeness, participating in the activity of wholeness, is a living reminder that we are all fractals of the Sacred. We shape our world through our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. We are the activity of the Sacred made manifest.