In this podcast interview with Elena Brower, we talk about the ecology of your business; creating a world in your business that feels like a sanctuary for yourself and others.

We review much of The World of Your Business Playbook, and Elena shares from her experience with it:
“Do you know what you’ve done for me? Bless you. Bless you, woman. You have created for me, a feeling of such pride and presence in the world of my business, which I never felt before. I was so uncomfortable being a business owner, I just wanted to be a yoga teacher. And that was my thing. And you helped me to create a sense of comfort. Like I said, pride presence and, and complete solidity in the world of my business. And I will never stop thanking you for this.”



Listen in:

  • 2:14 The soul of your business as a distinct entity
  • 5:27 Building business on long term relationships
  • 7:54 The sacred art of business. Business as a catalyst for growth
  • 16:08 Hospitality
  • 17:54 How Hiro came to teaching and business. Structure and flow
  • 23:37 Creating the world of your business. Pricing and boundaries
  • 31:38 Looking for the story that includes everything you do
  • 38:01 Aesthetics. The look of your business. The elegance principle
  • 45:51 The economy of your business. Inflection points and staying true to your values

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