In today’s interview with Michael Knouse on the The Start-Up Sessions Podcast, we’ll be diving into what it means to build a business that’s a reflection of your soul and deepest values. 
Listen in as Michael and I talk about:
  • Bringing the best of us into our businesses.
  • Our business can be a playground where we bring all of our heart, all of our gifts, and all of genius together.
  • Business is a practice in partnership that requires us to meet our business anew each day.
  • What is the soul of your business and how can you align with it?
  • Discovering wholeness within your business.
  • Why our business requires us to grow along with it.
  • Establishing your non-negotiable business values.
  • How to honor our values while building a successful business.
  • Incorporating systems and structure to ensure the sustainability of your business.
  • Why certain businesses struggle while others thrive.
  • Establishing a rhythm of rest and recovery.
  • The all-important aspect of bringing play into your business.

Listen in

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