In this conversation with Christine McDougall, we focus on discussing The Soul of Business.
Listen in as Christine and I talk about:
  • Conscious of the presence of time
  • The act of completion, approaching the last 20 years of productive life
  • Mortality – a different relationship with time
  • Go hard or go home – Hiro would always go home
  • The shift from looking at yourself from the outside in, to looking at yourself from the inside out
  • Once you have given your business everything and you are depleted, what will show up is depletion in you and in the world of your business
  • Will power is an extremely limited resource. Use it like a condiment, rather than the main course
  • Do something each day that has no purpose related to your business – something you do just for love
  • It’s the things that you meet without an agenda that remind you of the truth of relationships. Agenda driven relationships are short term. They are transactional.
  • We are all born knowing who we are, knowing we have these amazing gifts and capacities – the process of growing up is learning how to negotiate the difference between the limitless capacities on a soul level and the limitations of a physical life.
  • There is a value to the individual life in the West that is not available in India.

Listen in

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