Support and provision are qualities of soul. Along with other essence qualities like power, love, truth and abundance, they emerge from the field of unity, of formlessness, and are at the heart of all forms of life.

Both support and provision are also among the primary qualities of your first chakra, the energy center that shapes your incarnation and your sense of safety, grounding, and belonging. When you truly know that you are safe and supported, when you know — viscerally and unmistakably — that you are provided for with every breath you take, that knowledge frees you to become more fully yourself. It frees you to participate in the life of the world as a source of those qualities that you alone can bring to it.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience fear or doubt. These feelings, too, are part of the human experience, and they will arise to greater or lesser degree each time you choose to leave the safety of what you know, to discover what you don’t yet know or to create something new.

Support and provision give you the foundation you need to risk stepping into your future, even when you don’t know what it holds. Because something greater than your singular self holds you, provides for you, and sustains you. If you fall, you have a soft, loving lap to hold you until you’re ready to stand up again, to move towards your heart’s true desires.