There’s so much suffering and chaos in the world, right now. When you find yourself hunched over, staggering under the weight of the world, it’s useful to remember that much of what you’re feeling is not your energy. It’s also important to realize that you can’t do anything with energy that isn’t yours. You can’t process it, integrate it, or transform it — you can only release it.

If you’re frazzled, overwhelmed, easily startled, scared in ways that don’t make sense, try this:

Your heart has an electromagnetic field that’s attuned to your own energy, to your soul’s presence. Take a moment to sense the power of your soul’s presence in your heart.

Now, switch on the magnet and reverse its polarity so it repels any energy in your field that doesn’t belong to you.

Feel it gathering up energy that isn’t yours — including feelings, thoughts, sensations, beliefs, patterns and more — forming them into a ball, and spinning the ball out of your body and energy field at high speed.

No effort involved. Let the magnetic field do its work.

Feel the ball of energy spinning away from you, out to the farthest rim of the galaxy — becoming smaller and smaller until it’s no more than a speck, and finally dissolves into all-that-is.

Now, tune into your heart again. Reverse the magnetic field in your heart so its attuned to your own frequency. Let it draw your own energy back into your heart, from wherever you’ve left it.

Back from the past, back from the future, back from the people, places and situations where bits of your energy have been left behind.

Bring yourself back into your heart, and let your energy flow from there to fill the rest of your body and energy field.

Notice how you feel, after doing this practice.