Our earth is undergoing a massive re-calibration of its energy body as it orients energetically (though not physically!) to a new sun, to a new source of energetic attunement.

This process has been ongoing for several decades, but is accelerating exponentially now. Like any r/evolutionary change, it generates friction as evolutionary and devolutionary forces polarize into opposing camps, collide head-on, and attempt to find a new accommodation to each other and to rapidly shifting realities.

Since we are elements in the body of the earth, we experience the effects of this upheaval in our personal lives, our relationships and our businesses, all of which may be undergoing a similar process of disintegration and re-formation.

You may find yourself questioning and re-evaluating your vision for your life or your business. Redefining why you do what you do, and what success means to you now. Searching for new ways of living that fulfill your longing for meaning and purpose, and provide sustainability, freedom and joy. Perhaps you’re standing in the debris of relationships that cannot meet you where you are, or in the ruins of ways of being that no longer make your heart happy.

Things that worked beautifully for a long time may simply stop working now. You may experience more stress, more chaos, more confusion, more uncertainty on every level. Or the opposite — greater joy, ease, simplicity, delight, freedom. It all depends on where you are, in your own evolution, and in your relationship with the planetary forces at play.

The effects of this process are evident in the extreme volatility that’s erupting globally. Upheavals in the lives of neighbourhoods and nations. Shifting geopolitical, economic, social, cultural and tribal/religious alliances. The effects of climate change, world-wide. These are all the natural consequences of the wars we have waged on each other, and on the body of the earth, for several millennia.

The Deva of the Earth is crafting a new energy body — in part, so it can hold and generate more power. Power that’s harnessed in service to greater harmony, love, peace, unity and wholeness in every dimension, and especially here on Earth.

Because we are cells in the body of the earth, this creates tectonic upheavals in our own lives. We are forced into a close and truthful examination of our beliefs about power, and the ways in which these continue to distort and diminish our relationship with our selves, our bodies, our souls, our communities, and our world.

The powers of wholeness have sent us an invitation, inscribed in love, written on the vellum of truth: To develop a relationship with power that is inclusive, generative, and that benefits all beings, including ourselves — and especially including the planetary being we call Earth.

We are being called to learn from our history, to forego paradigms of dominance and submission, exploitation, abuse, divisiveness, and power-over.

We are invited to the greatest of adventures: To discover how to live the true purpose of our species, how to take our place as generative partners in the ecology of being. To discover that we are Joy, we are the miracle that we — and the Earth — have been waiting for.

When we place the creative power of our human incarnation in service to the earth and to all beings who live here, our hands and hearts help to shape the evolving energy body of the earth.

We are the hosts, not the guests, at this birth-feast. We are creators, not simply consumers, of the earth’s bounty. We are invited to end our brutal legacy of pain, of arrogant exploitation. We are invited to transform the story of humanity as pillagers and profiteers. We are invited to become loving stewards of our planetary home, to nurture and preserve the miracle of life on earth for all beings.

Indigenous elders and wisdom-keepers from around the world hold aloft the light by which we can find our way. They are the carriers of the human spirit. They remember, on behalf of us all, what we have forgotten — that our deep ancestors chose this planet as a place to evolve our species through the exercise of choice and free will. That we are here to learn how to live in harmony with the earth, to embrace all beings as family, to generate love, beauty, and creative delight. To serve, with devotion, our cosmic community.

We cannot co-opt the spiritual traditions of other times and cultures, but we can learn from them, and build on them. We can add to the sum of human wisdom, human kindness. We can become worthy ancestors for the generations that follow us, the ones who will inherit the earth we have helped to create. We are being invited to step up, to grow up, to become the elders and wisdom-keepers for new generations.

Take some time — today, tomorrow, this week, this year — to attune to this process of planetary evolution. Attune to the invitation it offers you, to grow in creative power, sovereignty, love and freedom. To become one of the great ancestors of the world of tomorrow.

How does it feel to stand in this place, holding this invitation in your hand?
Joyous, exciting? Terrifying? Overwhelming? Liberating?
Does it fill your lungs with oxygen? Make you want to gather up your shine and head out to the celebration?
Or something else entirely?

For today, simply begin by embracing your own humanity. Meet yourself where you are. Be curious, loving, playful, generous with yourself.
Who are you, really, beyond the roles that define you?
What light and power do you hold that’s uniquely yours, that is the blaze of your incarnation?

How will you meet this invitation to host the party? To be a creative, generative source of love and power in the earth’s evolution and rebirth?
What can you, and only you, bring to the Great Cosmic Birth Feast?