Welcome to the fourth of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It!

Recorded just days before the 2016 US Presidential Election, Hiro and Koren discuss what to do when life feels out of control. Enjoy! 

5:20 How power works, even when we feel powerless

15:22 Solving problems in the physical and non-physical realm

16:50 Walking through the practice with Hiro

25:30 Partnering with the creative flow of the universe

33:00 How to build up your capacity

37:45 The power to make things happen

43:40 Kindness does not mean you don’t have boundaries

45:00 Drawing boundaries with family

47:20 What does it take to live a generative soul centered life in a boundaries world?

49:00 Boundaries are the chalice in which love abides

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