Welcome to the fifth of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Going within
  • Soul desires
  • Attachment
  • Trust
  • Paying attention to what you need

2:27 Hiro’s daily practice

10:03 How our plans and strategies impact our desires

14:40 The enterprise of desires for global impact

21:39 The process of living in two worlds (dreams and action) when creating something concrete  

23:10 How to feel safety while listening to your soul desires

26:46 An example of knowing what your humanity needs when taking action

37:05 How do you hear the message of what your business needs?

39:45 Experimentation vs guidelines

41:45 What to do when “I don’t know” the right path to take

49:15 The practice of listening to our soul

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