For some time now, my baby granddaughter has been almost-walking. She gets where she wants to go by holding onto whatever is nearby — a chair, a window, a tabletop, her mum’s finger, her dad’s leg. She loves to move — and being upright and mobile at the same time makes her squeal with joy.

She can feel, in her body, the sturdy balance that will soon be hers, even though her little ankles aren’t yet strong enough to hold her up without support.

Support lets her walk confidently into her future, while strengthening her ability to meet it when it arrives.

And, it makes her hugely happy. Her face is a radiance of smiles, her eyes bright with delight as she scoots around the room letting go of one support so she can hold onto another that will get her closer to whatever has caught her imagination.

That’s the thing about Support. It gives us the courage to reach for our heart’s desires, even when we aren’t quite ready for them yet. And reaching for them is one way of becoming them.

We are born knowing what support is, when we need it, and how to use it. We know when to take it and when to let go of it. We know its temporary, and essential to get us to where our desire, our hearts and our imagination lead us. We know we are part of the web of support for others, too.

We know all this. And then we forget.

We spin stories about support that have nothing to do with what it really is — the Universe at play, offering each of us what we need, when we need it.

In right relationship with support, we offer it and take it — the steadying hand, the sheltering lap – give it and receive it, without measuring (you gave me a dollop, so I owe you a dollop — and maybe a pinch more). Without shame, guilt, judgement or self-righteousness.

Support just is. It’s a quality of soul, so it’s within us. It’s a quality of all being, so everything around us is woven together in a web of support.

Last week, my wise and wonderful friend Jen Louden — bestselling author of six books, retreat leader extraordinaire, and all around mensch — and I talked about Support: what it is, how to discern what kind of support we need, how to let ourselves have it. What we might create when we know we are truly supported.

You can listen in on our conversation by clicking the link below.

Interview with Jen Louden