Imagine a world — our world — in which there are no women. Not a world in which women have been made extinct, but one in which women never existed.


What would be missing, in a world devoid of women? How would life evolve? How would our species reproduce? What other life-forms would disappear from our world, in the absence of women?

Who or what would embody the qualities and functions of women?

Where would all the feelings, needs and desires land? The ones that are currently projected onto women? Who would take responsibility for them?

Draw a panoramic view that includes the gaps, the consequential alterations in human evolution and history, as a result of evolution without women.

Now imagine that you are one of the architects of the human species. What would you weave into the holes in the web of the world left by the absence of women?

Become the thread that’s woven into one of those holes today.

#ToBeSoul_DoSoul #AdventuresInCreativeConsciousness