After months of intense creative activity, my team and I put my new website to bed last night. Today, as we celebrate the birth of this exquisite new home for my life’s work, my heart is cloud-soft with joy, sky-wide with gratitude. A deep, deep bow of thanks to my devoted, dedicated, hard-working and brilliantly creative colleagues: Incomparable designer Richard Miller, Melani, Mandy, Amber, and Nathan. Thank you! It takes a village. I’m so grateful to be part of this one.

Early one morning, a couple of months ago, I woke to a clear message from my soul: You have seven years, she said. Seven years to create whatever your heart desires, in this incarnation.

That message liberated a great whoosh of creative energy. A clear reminder of a fundamental truth that landed in a whole new way, deep in my heart and belly and bones. My time here is finite — seven years. I have the privilege, power and responsibility to choose what I will do with it.

The future is fluid, it is malleable. Timelines change and change again. And yet — a boundary, a finite horizon, powerfully activates clarity, focus, and our hearts’ desire to get to work. Not tomorrow. Now. Today.

So I’ve been asking myself some simple, direct questions. You may be asking yourself similar questions, in these days of global turmoil and rapid change:

  • What truly matters to me, at this stage of my life?
  • How do I want to live, love, create, play, and serve now?
  • What kind of world do I want to leave for my children and yours — for all our children — who will shelter under the canopy that grows from the seeds we plant today?
  • How will I participate in the great adventure of building a world of peace, prosperity, provision, joy and kindness — for everyone?
  • Who will be my playmates and traveling companions on this journey?
  • How will I surrender more deeply to my soul’s call?

These questions aren’t new. I’ve been living and creating by their guiding light for over 50 years. But my capacity to meet them with increasing skill and open-hearted presence has grown. And the world around me, around all of us, has changed, profoundly.

The needs of our time, the hungers and sorrows that beset us, have morphed into steep canyons. Forces of entropy seek to destroy all that makes us human — our compassion, our love, our empathy, our understanding of the interdependent nature of being, our responsibility to take our place in the ecology of life.

Those who seek power for nothing more than their own profit are setting fire to the house of belonging built by the tireless work of visionary, freedom-loving women and men who came before us. Those who seek power for their own glory at the expense of the whole are burning down the foundations of our civilization — constitutional rights, the rule of law, social justice, equity, compassion, the civic, moral and ethical body of a democratic citizenry.

This beautiful planet that is our home, which sustains all of us, is on fire too, engulfed by the flaming excesses of the isms — nationalism, fascism, racism, tribalism, consumerism, corporate cronyism — and their vengeful companions: misogyny, hatred, fear of otherness.

Our current way of life has long been non-renewable — on a collision course with the unbending laws of time and consequence.

We are running out of time, friends. The earth will continue on, with or without us. But we humans are reaping the whirlwind we have sown, and all forms of life on our planet are paying the price for our short-sightedness, our greed, our ignorance, our selfishness, our willful blindness to the consequences of our choices and actions.

This isn’t the letter I set out to write to you. But this is my heart, speaking to yours.

The antidote to what ails us is right here within us, and in the soul of all creation. Wholeness has immense power — far greater than any force that seeks to divide and destroy its essential pattern. It needs our participation and partnership in order to renew life in miraculous ways.

We are the ancestors of the generations as yet unborn. It’s time for each of us to step up to our responsibilities, take a clear-eyed look at how we are choosing to live our lives, take the true measure of our power and genius, and yield our gifts fully and unstintingly to the creation of a world that nurtures and supports all life.

For me, right now, this means attuning to and harmonizing my life, my business, and my choices with the pattern of Wholeness. My first commitment is to listening. Listening deeply, open-heartedly, for what life is asking of me. Listening to the world’s breathing, its pulse, and responding with my own, with the strength of my soul in action. Listening to my community. Listening for what you love, long for, seek to create. What grieves, pulverizes or enlivens you. Serving your wholeness, our wholeness.

Each day, I will savour this beautiful planet, and praise, support, and celebrate all who contribute to its peaceful evolution.

In many ways, I’ll do what I’ve always done: Carry on with the daily work of sacred activism, collaborate with planetary and other subtle energy beings to heal, transform and restore our world to its intrinsic wholeness. Invest my time, energy, skills, experience, and all the resources at my disposal to help shape a world that works for everyone.

The essence of my business, too, remains much the same. As always, I’ll continue to work intimately and privately with my mentoring clients — change-makers, storymakers, cultural artists, evolutionary entrepreneurs — whose vision and creations are powerfully generative and who are helping to shape a world that works for everyone.

And, I’ve made some changes that I trust will serve my community more fully. For those of you who want to learn how to access your own wholeness, wisdom, sovereignty and power to create lives and businesses you truly love, I’ve reconfigured my core programs to make them available as self-study modules — at a far more affordable price than was possible when I taught them live.

I know the power of this body of work — it was born from my own inner explorations, research, teaching, learning and experience, but it has been shaped by the generous participation of thousands of students who have made this material their own, weaving it into their lives and their work, and adding their own creative explorations to its evolution.

It’s been my privilege to witness the ways in which this work has transformed lives and businesses for more than three decades. As fully digital programs, they are now accessible to you, no matter where in the world you live. So long as you have the desire and capacity to learn, these programs will give you an unshakeable foundation for a richly fulfilling life and business.

As for the future…Grace holds all of our lives in the palm of her hand. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I will do my part by continuing to add to the rich tradition of soul alchemy, storymaking, soul entrepreneurship and subtle energy practice that has contributed so much to the healing and evolution of our world.

There are other creations whispering their names and stories in my ear.

I know many of you are listening for and answering the call of your own soul, and the soul of the world. Your call may be to hold your beloveds close to your heart, to volunteer in your community, to act in ways that are in harmony with your values and to support the causes you care deeply about. To make your art, freely and fiercely, and share it. To immerse yourself in local, national or international politics or grassroots activism. To grow your business so it nourishes and sustains you and your community, and embodies your vision for yourself, your business, and your world.

Each of us meets our soul’s call in our own unique way. Each day, we choose to share ourselves and our gifts authentically, generously. Each day, we do the work to bring wholeness, prosperity and peace to ourselves and our world. We do this one day at a time, one choice, one courageous, loving, devoted action at a time. In making this our practice, we soften our hearts to a fine receptivity, and become the peace and wholeness we seek.

Thank you for all the ways in which you share your gifts, your radiance, beauty, grace and blessing.