Today’s practice: Be home

Attune to the guardian spirit of your home.
Invite her to grace your life today.

Her arms are filled with gifts for you–
welcome and peace, belonging and nurturance
Divine order, support, love, delight, sovereignty, joy.

Take the gifts she offers, as many as you can hold.
Feel them enliven your home, your heart
with beauty and power.

From the moment you wake until that last flicker of light
before you slip into sleep,
your home holds you in love and blessing.

She is the ground from which you rise each day.
She is the lap of the Sacred, cradling you in tenderness–
shaped by human hands, to grow your human heart.

Whatever your experience of home has been, in the past–
the spirit of home accompanies you now.

Rest in the peace of knowing you are safe–
you are home, you belong.

Move into your world
carrying the power and blessing of home with you.

Be home
for everyone you meet today.