This four-minute video poem–my very first!–emerges from my deep desire to see you and every one you love shine your light in the world, joyfully, freely, fully.

Free of the Not-Enoughs and Shoulds–the Have-To’s and Maybe’s and But’s–may you discover, celebrate and share the miracle that is you.

Play with me! I’d love it if you’d share, in the comments, one or two or three things about you that are miraculous. Begin by affirming this truth: “I am a miracle!” Then tell us how you express your miraculous self in your world.

Watch this on YouTube and share it with the people you love:

A rainbow shower of thanks to my friends, Solaye Snider and Angie Wheeler, for collaborating with me to create this video. Deep gratitude to Jonathan Fields, who first published this poem on his blog. A bow from my heart to my miraculous family and friends–and to each of you, for inspiring You Are a Miracle.