i say no to plunder and papayas
ripped from their beds at midnight, the black pearls
of their seeds crushed under careless feet. no
to raids on houses of the poor who must
lick their honey off the edge of a razor
blade. no to revenge; no to seductions
that ring like crystal goblets stained ruby-red
with the wine of entitlement. i bite
the hand that reaches for cream without passing
the coffee. i say no
to arguments about angels dancing
on the heads of pins. angels have better
things to do-tend to plants and babies
mothers and turtles, those who stay home
move slowly, live close to the ground. who do
not expect the universe to throw them
a meteor shower to celebrate every
changed diaper or the patient laying
and hatching of eggs. I say no to clutched
fists and fires that feed on stolen fuel. no
to being buried in the Department
of Home Furnishings at Sears. no.

(As always, Sunday is poetry day here on my Blog. If you feel moved to, please share your poems in the Comments. Let’s celebrate poetry together.)