Bask in each sun filled word of the divine wisdom well and soul of luminary, Hiro Boga

You will not be the same after you listen to her. If you listen long enough, your transformation is inevitable. Read her. Take her programs. Be in her orbit.

— kind words from Robyn Ivy about our conversation for her podcast.

Here are some things you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Hear Hiro’s beautiful story of growing up in India, meeting the Devas and how to work with multi-dimensional consciousness and subtle energies in your life.
  • How to hear and return to your soul’s desires so you can enjoy being the powerful, free and whole person you are.
  • How to live in harmony with your vision and values, in partnership with your soul, and in service to the Sacred.
  • Simple practices to deepen your felt connection with the spiritual dimension of your life, your community, nature and the more than human world.

Listen in

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