The first of an eight part series with Koren Motekaitis of How She Really Does It. 

In this conversation about power and radiance we discuss:

3:16 What is power?

11:25 Choosing how you want to live and what will support you most fully to bring your radiance into the world

12:12 the Power to Choose

15:03 Acting on behalf of your whole self as an exercise of power

17:30 You can choose the lens through which you focus and see the circumstances of your life

24:10 How to treat yourself with great hospitality

28:29 Welcoming self and acknowledging that “who I am encompasses and includes my vulnerability and need”

34:00 Safety is a fundamental human need

35:50 Why Transformation requires safety

44:00 A “family meeting” speaking to yourself

48:00 How to show up with full radiance and your whole self

50:30 What is Sovereignty?

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